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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What do you do in the Winter Time?

We recently had a big snow storm!
 It dropped a lot of snow!

Shoveling was a killer. 
Especially since the snow blower died!! 
Any way it got me wondering what ya do in the winter time? 
So I thought I would share some of what we do!

The kids play a lot. 
This storm Branden was sick and had to stay in. 
 But he made up for it playing in this big box!

He loved it so much he took a nap in it! 
 Way to cute!!!


We also make cookies.  
 Branden got to lick to bowl, but what he really wanted was to go outside.

Because Austin and his big kid friends were building a snow fort! 
(Or should I say a big mound of snow.)

But what we really love to do in the winter time is to have hot Chocolate,
and a Tim Tam Slam!!!! 
What is that you ask.
  Last year some friends introduced us to them. 
 I guess it comes from Australia. 

 So onto what it is. 
You take these cookies called Tim Tam's. 
They are made by Pepperidge Farm and really can only be found around December in the states. 
 I found some at Smith's, but can't find any more. 
 First you take the cookie and bite off the opposite corners. 
 (like the picture below)

Then you use it as straw to suck the hot chocolate through. 
 You have suck pretty hard. 
 The cocoa melts the inside of the cookie and you have a big gooey chocolate mouthful. 
It's to die for. 

That's what we do in the winter time!!! 
What do you do?


The Mac's House said...

Hmmm we have a Pepperidge Farms store here I'm going to have to go check it out.

The snow does look inviting to go out and play in but that shoveling certain does not.


Celeste said...

ohhh i love me a tim tam slam. my hubs went to austrailia on his mission, so that is one thing we do too! you've got to find a british store, then you can get the same kind the use in austrailia. there is one on layton main street, that's where we get ours... that reminds me, matt would love to find some in his stocking....

evelania said...

Interestingly enough, we found Tim Tams (after reading about them on a blog) in Korea of all places. We haven't found them in the States yet and my husband mentions the Tim Tam Slam every once and a while. Well, I just found them at the Commissary and am going to wrap them and put them under the tree! I'm sure he'll be super excited :)

Anonymous said...

I saw them just two days ago at Target! Never tried them but have heard from lots of people how good they are!