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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fanning the Throne!!!

So here is finally a little up date on "the" bathroom.  
But first some extra pertinent info.
We found we were having humidity issues in our house. 

What causes that? 
 Lots of people breathing
(8 plus friends to be exact)
Lots of hot showers
(about 35 per week)
Range hood that doesn't vent to the outside
(thanks builder Bach)
Dryer vent that vents upward
Unfinished cement walls and floors
And very crappy bathroom fans
Doing high volume of laundry 
(around 10 plus loads a week)
Having a clogged up Dryer vent 
(this one has been fixed)

Yes, as I did more research I found we seem to have most of the causes.   

What's the problem? 

It causes water to collect on the inside of my windows in the winter time. 
 It runs down the window and collects on the sill.  
Not good for sheet rock or wood sills. 

 So we are taking steps to fix or counter our little problem.   
One step was to replace master bath ceiling fan.    
We had the builder installed fan.  A little research and I found that it was way to small for that size of bathroom.  
So off to Lowe's we go!!!  
Here is a side by side view of the builders fan and the appropriate size fan.  
Big big difference!!

So up to the attic for me and soon it was installed and running!!  
We love it!

Once we had the fan in place we could install the long awaited throne!!!

Here is Les hugging his new throne!! 
(Really he is just installing it)

Look at that beauty!!!
It's elongated and extra tall!!
OK, it's obvious we have been with out a master toilet for too long!!  
 But it is so nice to have our own again!  
(Tell me I'm not the only one whose kids bathroom grosses you out?)

So that's where we are,  stay tune for the cabinet and the finished bathroom.


Emma said...

Your bathroom is looking beautiful. I love the combo of your paint wall paint and the white. So relaxing. Your humidity problem is really interesting. I didn't know it could be a problem.

Celeste B. said...

Yes - I couldn't stand to share a bathroom with my kids...it is super gross! My kids are fairly clean, it is just the idea of it all.

I thought we would have humidity problems here (over 50% humidity, 80% of the time). Good luck getting it all fixed. I'm sure the bigger fans will help a lot. I love the tile in your bathroom.