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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nana's Day - That Ugly Door!!

it's been a long time since I've talked about what we have done on Nana's day! 

 But we have been busy. 
 Remember her dated bedroom?
(Go here to check it out)
We had  the window replaced with a  bigger one, 
(see that here)
  You may also remember we took out the small awkward closet, 
we planned on putting a door to the kitchen where that closet had been. 
 We just were planning on a normal plain door, 
until I got one of my ideas.  
My sister Arlene and I were at the ReStore one day and there sat this stack of old doors.  
I love old doors.  
As I looked at them I began imagining what you could do with each unique door.  
That's when I got my idea.  
Quickly I told Arlene, 
"Wouldn't this old door with a window in it be so cool for the door to Nana's office?"  
We called Nana and she said, 
"What ever Ronda thinks will be fine."  
So we bought it. 
 I think it was $10, plus I found a door frame for $5. 
I was super excited, 
I even got jealous of that door, 
I tried to imagine where I could put it in my house.  
We put it in Nana's garage to await Nana's arrival home.  
When I called to see if she had seen her new door.  
She said and I quote,
 "That is the ugliest door I have ever seen. 
 I hate it!!!! 
What do you have planned to make that look OK.?"  

 Not what I was expecting.  
How could she not see my vision? 

She let us put the door in place but she still hated it!  
(She did not really hide this fact.)
So here is the infamous door installed. 
 I loved the character, but Nana was still not convinced.

We took off the hardware and started the yucky task of stripping all the old paint off the door.  The last paint job had painted right over all the hardware including the locks and knobs.

I am just in Love with this door. 
 I just wonder where it was from. 
 I envisioned it as an old school door, which just played into the fact that Nana is a retired teacher and Principal.  
So here are pictures of the stripping process.  

Tada!  A solid wood door!!!

We thought about staining it, but it wasn't quite right, so we painted it white.

After cleaning up the hardware, we reinstalled it.  
I love it!
(Did I already say that?) 
 And I must say when all was said and done, the door had grown on Nana.  
She now proudly shows off her unique door.  
All is well that ends well.
The door is almost done. 
 I wanted to put something on the glass and I thought Principals office would be a fun memory for my mom.  
I will post that and the finished room soon.

Yes, I am still working on my bathroom cabinets! 
 Can't wait to show you!!!

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Pine Tree Home said...

what a great historic piece. a lot of work, but so worth it. How did you care for the hinges? I want to swap out my hollow core doors and always wonder how to reinstall on the same frame.