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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pillow Talk

 I love pillows but they cost so much 
and my kids tend to have pillow fights and ruin them!  
I'm getting off the the subject,  
I wanted to share some pillows I recently added to my bed. 
 First I found this soft muted bird print at WALMART!  
For $1 a yard.  
I sleep with this pillow on my side so I just made a pillow case out of it so I can throw it in the wash. 
 Next was this cute smaller light green pillow at DI for $2.
 (I always throw used pillows in my dryer on high heat can't be to careful of bed bugs.
 I really liked the detail but felt like it needed something.

So I went through my stash of stuff and found these brown beads.  I sewed them on by hand.  

Here's a close up, 
I really like what the color adds.

Last pillow is a Pottery Barn knock off that has been all over blog land.  
I've wanted to try a sweater pillow, but just haven't gone shopping for a sweater.  
Then last week I was going through my closet and getting rid of things I don't wear and such.  
I realized I had put a white sweater in the giveaway pile. 
 I loved the sweater but never wore it because of it's wide boat neck. 
 Anywhoo I got it back out of the box and went to town sewing.  
It was so easy and took about 30 minutes   
(I'm just guessing on the time since I had to keep stopping to check my kids Friday Chores!)  
So my sweater was free and I happened to have a pillow form I picked up at DI one time for $3.

First I pinned and sewed up the bottom of the sweater.  
Easy peasy

Then I cut off the top of the sweater, just below the arm pit.

Next I sewed part of the top closed, leaving an opening to turn it and put the form in.  
Then I sewed the opening closed by hand.

Then I had this great pillow.  
But it needed something, so off to my button collection.

I sew and old brown metal button in the middle and pulled it tight.  
I love it. 
 It looks great in my family room, but can't stay.  
It's white and my kids would wreck it the first hour.

Love the texture!!!

Well here it is, in it's new home on my bed. 
 Les said another pillow? Is that a sweater?  
He just doesn't get the pillow thing.  
But he let's me keep putting them on!!  
Thanks honey!!!

I think I have a small number of pillows, 
how many are on your bed?

All three pillows for $6!!!  
Can't wait to add more. 
(Don't tell Les)


Celeste B. said...

Nice! I have beads that I wanted to add to a pillow that ended up getting ruined before I got around to it. *sigh*...maybe I'll find another pillow. I need to change my living room pillows. Maybe I'll do sweater pillows. That looks like I might be able to do it. :-)

TLF said...

That's awesome.. great idea!!

Becky said...

I love it! Great job using what you already have.

I bought a really heavy beaded shirt at GW for $2. Ya know...one of those super duper dressy ones that weigh like 50 pounds?

I bought it and I'm like "what the heck am I going to do with this". (Yep, it was one of those moments).

I'm thinkin' a pillow might be in order...

Jessica said...

Cute! I love pillows on the bed too.
I have 6, including the ones we sleep on.