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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A day in the Life!!

Some days
 (OK most of my days)
 are like what happened the other day. 
 I woke up ready to take on the world and be a great mom and wife.
 Everyone had breakfast and I got the kitchen cleaned up BEFORE the kids left for school. 
I made sure they had gotten all there beds made and chores done. 
 I was really ready to tackle some awesome project "I" wanted to do.  
But first I still needed to tackle the laundry,
 (This is what it usually looks like half the week, a basket for everyone).  

Austin asked if I could make sure and wash his Improv shirt before his performance that evening, 
and informed me that he had gotten something on it? 
 Didn't know what he got on it just something!!! 
After one washing it look like this!!!

I then spent the next 20 minutes scrapping off all these little sticky gunky spots with a butter knife.  Before washing it again.  
Austin also requested that we take his Tux back after school
 or I could just do it myself it that was easier.  
(How thoughtful!)

My 5 year old request I get his Valentines as they needed them the next day!!! 
And my 11 year old request that I pick up some candy to hand out during his party. 
(Not a Valentine Party, just a hand out candy Party?)

I managed to do all this and as well as fix dinner and all the other things I do each day! 
 I finished the day with two request for giant diapers and wings!!!  
(Costumes for Cupid in case your still wondering)  
Which I produce with in a couple of hours. 
I don't think I ever got to that Awesome project that I wanted to do. 
I'm not sure how I get anything done some days.  
Some days like today I get up and just feel like the to-do list and mess is just insurmountable!  
I really start to get depressed! 

 But then those little moments creep in that remind me why it is worth it! 

Austin looking so handsome going out to Sweethearts, 
knowing he is growing up and still sometimes tell me he loves me!

And walking around the the corner and seeing 
all three middle kids reading quietly!!!!!
(This picture is real, not staged)

or finding this note from Les this morning after I got home from volunteering at the grade school.

It says:

"I took a little time off to do some things for you in case you can't tell.  
I cleaned up a little, made the bed and did some laundry.  
I know it's not much, but hopefully it helps.  I love you.  
Hope your day gets better.

 It just did!!!


Pine Tree Home said...

sweetness all around. moments like that are savored.

Skye McLain said...

what a sweet sweet husband! :) you have a beautiful family and should be so proud of them. thanks for letting us in on a "day in your life!"