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Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Les

Last week was Les' birthday!!! 

 I wanted to do a post with all these great pictures of him, 
like I did of Quinton.  

 I don't have that many pictures of him

So I thought I would do a little photo shoot!  

That just did not happen! 
(That pesky thing called life just keeps getting in the way)  

So I decided to not wait any longer and just go with what I have.  
Pictures of him working so hard to make my ideas into reality!!!
I love him for this. 
 He is so talented and can figure out ways to all kinds of things.  
He lets me push him to his limits and beyond.  
He is a perfectionist and it always shows in his finished projects.  

He works hard too support our family too!! 
 6 kids isn't always cheap!!!

I also love that he treats me like his queen.  
He has always wanted the best for me. 
 He cares and tries to make me happy. 
 He loves to spend time with me and listens to me talk and talk and talk.   
He is a good husband, I'm really very lucky!!!

He is a strong spiritual man. 
 I love to pray with him each day, 
and have his support with family prayer and scripture study!!!
He has the best sense of humor!!!  
If you know him you know what I mean. 

And he is a good Dad!!  
He loves his kids soooo much.  
He wants to be the best Dad he can be and strives to get better each day.  
For this I love him.

So Happy Birthday Les!!  And thanks for all you do!!

Thanks for listening to my tribute to the man I love!!  


Moore Minutes said...

Beautifully said! And a good, strong husband is the greatest treasure.

Nana said...

I love him because he loves you. He is awsome.