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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Survivor Party

Quinton wanted a Survivor Party.  
Here are the invitations. 
 I just used scrapbook paper and got an image off of a Google search. 
 I used paint program and altered it to say Birthday Party.

We had fun and worked all day getting ready for the party. 
 Here's Les carving the tongues for the eating challenge.


And Les unwrapping Tootsie Rolls to make into poop. 
 (We thought that would be funny, but Quinton wouldn't go for it.  
We had to call them moth cocoons!)

Looks like poop?

Jaysen helped out by making a giant drawing of a tiki mask for the front door to greet the guest.  
We also lined the front walk with tiki torches.

Of coarse I was busy making the cake. 
 I found this cute idea on Kidscakes.  

I followed her idea except I used marshmallows cut in half for the teeth.  
(Les' idea)  
The nose is made from Tootsie Rolls.  
It was a fun and easy cake to do.

I used crushed up graham crackers to surround the cake, 
 only I spilled some right on his eye!!  
I was so mad!  
Oh well.

For dinner Les cut chicken breast into long strips and marinaded them in two kinds of sauce.  
He put them on skewers and told the kids it was Eel and Python.  
The boys loved it.

Here's the party crew!!!

Next were the challenges.  
So much fun.  
First was the wounded challenge. 
 One team member had to be wrapped in TP. 
 First team to get wrap the whole TP roll won.

Challenge two was the Bug challenge. 
 I froze about 25 small plastic spiders in a bowl of water.  
Each team had to see how many spiders they could get out in 10 minutes.  
The kicker was only one person could touch the ice at a time and you couldn't brake it.   

They took turns trying to melt it with their hands.  
They really liked this one.

Challenge three was shaving a balloon.  
Which was greatly amped up when dad threw a firecracker just to scare them.

The last challenge was my favorite.  
The eating challenge. 
 I placed different foods in cupcake liners and under a cover.  
I would announce the make believe title of the food and then take off the lid.  
The first team who swallowed it won that round.  
Let me tell ya what they had to eat.  
Cow's blood, which was really tomato juice. 
 Monkey eyes, Spanish olives.  
Sea cucumber heart, whole beat. 
 Seaweed, canned spinach. 
 Pigmy's toe, Vienna sausage.

Last of all was pig tongue, which was really spam carved into a tongue shape.  
We laughed so hard watching them eating these.

It was a fun party and Quinton really liked it, which is what matters most!!!


MaryBeth said...

toootsie poooop! bahaha!

The Sants said...

What a fun party! You did a great job!

Jeannetta said...

THAT is awesome!

Emma said...

You are amazing at throwing parties!

Nat Mac said...

That is such a great party!! I think it would be super fun for adults too!!

The Mac's House said...

What an awesome looking party. Great ideas!

shirley said...

Seriously, that is one of the best Survivor parties I have seen without going way out of budget! I love the food ideas. Can't wait until my boys are older, though I think my 7-year-old would think it pretty cool as well!

www.you-made-that.com said...

I am throwing a survivor party for my son's 12th birthday this year and your party looked so great. I may copy your cake, it really turned out good! Thanks for the ideas :)