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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Those darn doors!!!

So about a million years ago 
(OK, maybe only last year) 
we were at the ReStore when I spied these ugly blue cabinet doors and drawer fronts.  
There were a lot of them for $1 each with hinges already attached.  
My crazy mind started racing trying to figure out how we could make them work for our bathroom. 
(That's how my crazy mind works)  
Soon I was trying to show Les my great find 
and explain how GREAT it was, 
and to my surprise he started helping me lay them out and figure out a lay out that would work with our counter top dimensions. 
(Sometimes I feel like Lucy, coming up with hair brained schemes to get what I want for our next to nothing budget.  And Les is Ricky just rolling his eyes at me.) 
 Anyhoo we came home with 10 doors/drawers.
(We planned on using 8 of them and got two little extra ones for practice or what ever.)  

Here is a bad before picture of what the doors looked like when brought them home.
I know kinda UGLY
(Just look past the thick blue paint and misplaced holes.)

For the next few months those doors just hung out in the workshop kinda getting in our way.  
About a month ago we finally were ready to start on the doors. 
 Les and I didn't like the rounded hump, 
I was willing to live with it but Les was not.  
(I'm so glad we tried his idea)  
Here is a side by side, just making the last plane flat.
(Hope the picture helps this make sense)

How did we do it?  
Les ran it through the table saw on each side.
(Very technical. lol)

It gave us a flat place for the knobs and this step was free.

Next it was my turn!!  
I spent F-O-R-E-V-E-R stripping those doors. 
 Two layers of paint and one layer of stain and varnish. 
It takes some time to get it out of all those nooks and crannies.  
My neighbor Cason (Shelly's husband from House of Smith) 
saw me stripping these doors and gave me the look like what are you doing with these ugly doors.
  "They were only a $1 each," I said.  
I think he still thinks I'm crazy.  
(He is right I'm a little crazy.)

Here is a before and after, 
this step cost about $26 dollars for paint stripper.

Next Les did most of the sanding, but I helped.

We used lots of homemade sanding blocks including one made from a dowel.  
It worked so good in the dips. 
(I know that's not the correct term but I just can't think of what it's called. 
Work with me people.)

Here is one front all sanded and ready to go.
(Funny how all that work looks so plain)
Turns out they are solid oak doors.

This is our trial lay out!!!!

Next I got to prime and paint them all!  
(Long ago I skip the primer to save money, 
but I don't any more.  
If you want a good long lasting paint job don't skip the primer!!)
Next we laid them out and attached the hinges to the doors and face frame. 
To get the hinge placement and then took the doors back off.  

They were looking good but a little plastic or maybe 80's like.  
So I decided to distress them a little. 
Here is a side by side of 80's drawer front next to nice soft distressed one!!

We finally put the face frame on the cabinet and Les built the drawers in record time.

Then on went our new doors!!!!! 
Do you hear the angles singing in the background?

We added these great porcelain knobs I found at my ever favorite ReStore for $1 each.  
I love these doors.

I'm very pleased with the doors but think I went a little overboard on the distressing on the drawer fronts.  What do you think?  Please tell me so I can quit thinking about it or do something about it.  After distressing the doors I put one coat of poly acrylic clear coat.  They say it won't yellow but it does look ever so slightly yellow, especially if you get it too thick.

So there you have it new cabinet doors, hinges and knobs for less than $50.  
Not bad since I figure it would have cost over $300 to order new doors plus hinges and knobs!!!

I'm so excited to show you the whole bathroom.  
We are almost done.  
Just the legs, sinks, faucets and decorating!!!  
I hope to finish the bathroom and post before this month is over.  
Give me some encouragement and tell me what you think.  


Andrea said...

Eep. I hate to say it, but there might be a *hair* too much distressing. Just a hair. Promise. Other than that, you did a bang up job! (hehe-get it? Distressing? Bang up job? I crack myself up!)

Awesome work!

LaurelK said...

I am so amazed. Very nice, I think they look great!! Love your blog!

Emma said...

Ronda you are amazing! You and your husband are great at making what you want and gettting great deals. I think the distressing is fine. I look forward to seeing your finished bathroom.

Karie said...

I think they look great! I love the distressing. I think its perfect!

Celeste B. said...

Sweet! You have inspired me to keep going on my china hutch. I was dreading all the sanding. When it gets about 0 degrees I'll have to start back on that project.

Cory and Monika said...

I am amazed at the patience that you and Les have. I think it look beautiful. I wouldn't change a thing. Love it!

Vintage Culler said...

I am so impressed by how you tackled this job! Stripping furniture is my least favorite part of any project. I love your husband's great idea about flattening those rounded edges. It made a huge difference! You can be very proud of a job well done...oh- and I love the price!

evelania said...

Wow! Very clever, and from an old cabinet (from the post below). Great find--it is all going to turn out wonderful. I wouldn't worry about the distressing, once it's all done I think it'll all look great. Shelly said the same thing about the mirror she framed, if I'm remembering correctly. Dang, I wish I was your neighbor. Looks great!

kimmyrea said...

GREAT JOB!!! Come do mine????? In a perfect world you would say yes!! LOL
They do look great!!!

Nana said...

Love the bathroom. Know that I love you. You are so patient.

Nat Mac said...

Those look sooo awesome!! Me and my hubby checked out the ReStore for the first time and have a mutual new favorite store. I gave you an award over at my blog feel free to stop by and grab it http://natmacsknickknacks.blogspot.com/2011/02/my-first-award-one-long-post.html

Leslie {Goodbye, house. Hello, home!} said...

I keep coming back to read more and more about your bathroom makeover--I just love it!

Glenda @ Magnolia Bend Drive said...

THis is an amazing makeover. It looks like a fancy hotel now!

Joy Springob said...

Amazing!! Love, Love, Love the transformation. The distressing is fantastic.

Joy Springob said...

Awesome! Love, love, love the transformation. The distressing is fantastic.