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Monday, March 21, 2011

Kitchen Cabinet Clean up

OK, I would love to be showing you my bathroom reveal,
 but I'm not.  

I have just a few frames to paint and the pictures to take!! 
 But this month has stopped me from getting any blogging done. 
 I have had the following list to deal with this past two weeks:

Plan a Pirate Party
Have that party with 12 (5 to 8 year old) boys
my son's actual birthday
Plan and carry out a Primary activity
Take one child to the Dr. for a sprained ankle
Find child size crutches for sprained ankled child
(Found them at Salvation Army for $3)
Drive kids to and from school everyday for a week due to crutches
Be with out a car off and on as we had to fix both cars this month
Say goodbye to $1000 (for car repairs)
Find out two kids have contracted lice from school
Spend hours shampooing every one, checking heads, 
washing every washable thing in the house, and cleaning!!!!
(Can you say 6 foot tall laundry pile?)
Take another child to Dr. for Ear infection!
Have one child throw up!!!
All the while trying to clean house and prepare for a dear friend who came to visit for a week!!!

So needless to say I have not!!!  
worked on my bathroom!!!!! 
Or anything else that might sound like fun 
or just be on my regular list!!!

But have no fear this is all behind me! 
(Knock on wood)

This week I hope to get back in to my old swing of things.

So I am posting part of my spring cleaning that I did before my life went so crazy!!!
(Normal is kinda crazy but this past two weeks was major crazy)

I like to clean out my kitchen cupboards each spring and reorganize anything that's not working.
This year I decided to move my medicines and vitamins.  
While I was at it I decided my shoe boxes that I keep them in needed some prettying up!  
Here is the before.

I took some wrapping paper that I bought at Salvation army for 50 cents.  
And wrapped my old shoe boxes.

Then I added some new cute labels 
(Label, label, label every thing)

I think they look much better.  
Pretty organization!!  
I love it!! 
 The categorized boxes makes it easy to find meds.

On the inside of the door, 
I have a small white board mounted. 
 I use this to keep track of when and who I gave medicines too!!  
It really helps.

Hope ya enjoyed this peak into my cupboards, or were ya just board?  
(Get it cupboard or board?)  
I crack myself up!!!  

Thanks for bearing with me during my chaos!!!

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Valerie said...

I am in love!!!!

I haven't ever thought to use shoeboxes for that purpose! I have these tiny little plastic baskets that are far too small for the purpose.

I bet I could use scrapbook paper, too.

Ooooh! You just motivated and inspired me!

Thanks so much!

Emma said...

The boxes are so pretty now. I love the idea of using cardboard boxes for storage. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully the craziness will leave you alone for awhile.

Jill said...

What a great idea! I recently saw a similar idea where someone covered cardboard boxes in zebra print duct tape. What easy ways to pretty things up. :)

Erin said...

I have been saving boxes in the garage for something unknown and this is it! Thanks!

Celeste B. said...

Sorry your month has been so crazy. We have had some similar trials. Our van spent a week in the shop to the tune of $1200, we are all sick, etc. No sprained ankles or crutches though!

Can't wait to see the reveal when you are able to get to it!