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Monday, April 4, 2011

Bathroom shelves

Wow, I have gotten such great love from this bathroom.  
Thank you, thank you!! 

Thanks for the love!!

I've also got a lot of request for the paint color! 
So here it goes, 

I don't know. 

Don't be mad, but you know that's how I roll.  
I go with what I find.  

A couple of years ago, I was in Home Depot checking out the OOPS paint, 
('cause that's what I do
and I saw this great blue green color.  
I eventually  planned on painting my bathroom some sort of green, so I bought it. 
 I mean it was only $5.
 So I can't tell you the great paint color.  
I can tell you it was Behr Premium Plus paint.  
After peeling off the oops sticker I found a formula sticker.  
I can't guarantee this is the formula, they often add colors randomly to oops paint.  
But if your desperate you could have them mix a small amount to see.  
The formula was Yellow oxide 36, Thalo blue 25, Brown oxide 22.  
I know it may show up blue on some computers and green on others. 
 In real life it is a blue/green.  

So onto my shelves.  
I had this shelf my mother gave me long ago.  
I didn't really like the paint job, with the gold detailing or the ugly screw head in the middle of the shelf.

So I found a button and glued it on. 
 Presto change'o!

I planned on putting it above the toilet, but it needed another shelf above it. 
 But what shape shelf do you put with this?
My neighbor Shelley said just make another one the same basic shape.
Great idea, just how do I do that?

First I traced the top of my shelf on a extra scrap of MDF I had.  I then cut it out with a jig saw.  Then Les routered an edge similar to the original shelf.

Next we used a 1x2  and screwed and glued it to our top.

Then we ripped a thin piece of MDF on the table saw.  
We got it wet so it would bend.
(If you think you should skip this step your thin board will probably break when you try to attach it.  Like ours did twice!!!)

It turned out great!!!  
Just a simpler version of the original.

I like how it repeats the same shelf shape.

Next we painted, distressed and installed.

What do ya think?

I like them, and I like that they were free.  
I used all scraps and left over supplies.

That's what I do!!!

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wendyfay said...

I love these shelves ... esp. with one that your Mother gave Lucky you! :) I'd love to put a couple of these up in my en-suite but am not sure how you fixed the round (bent) piece of MDF to the shelf ... &&& ... I'd also love to know how you usually ix your shelves to the walls. Thanks again for sharing your terrific restorations & renovations ... Cheers, Wendy from Oz ... :)