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Monday, April 25, 2011

Nana's Day - Nana's Office

So some of you may be wondering if I still go over and help my mom (a.k.a. Nana) 
 pretty much every week. 
 And here are the pictures to prove it.  
 Remember when we started converting her old bedroom into her new office?
We are done!
  So here is a before of the small window and misplaced closet.

We took the closet out and added a door (go check out that ugly door).  
We flanked the door with some Billy shelves she already had from Ikea and a new built in bookshelf.  

These are the Billy shelves.

Here's the built in book shelf.

Here's the before of the back wall of the room.
 (My sister shows it off so well)

And after:



Used pictures she already had, just painted the green frames black.

We added this work space between the two tall cabinets.  
It's a piece of laminated counter top we got at the Restore. 
We just cut it to fit and cut off the corners.  
We peeled off some of the side laminate from the part we didn't use and reglued it the the new angled corners.   
Here is a close up of the grey pattern.  
Goes perfect with the grey walls.  

I love the old door we had put in.  
But I wanted it to be really unique, so we added frosted vinyl.  
Nana use to be a principal, 
so we put Principal's Office on the the door.  
Love it!!!

Kept the original hardware.  
It's so cool.  
All the grand kids love to say, "You need go to the principals office."

She loves it!  
Here's a few more pictures.  
And we are actually moved on to other projects over there.  
I'll post those soon!!


dee dee said...

Wow, What a huge difference! The door is such a true gem of a find and the bookcases offer the perfect amount of storage!
Dee Dee

Emma said...

The room looks amazing! I really like how you used the small space for a built in bookcase. You are such a sweet daughter.

sandra said...

Nana's office looks fantastic! That door is gorgeous too! You are right, it's all in the details, everything you did at her house is fantastic, great work!!!