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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Small details!!

My kitchen sink is in my island, which is in the center of my kitchen. 
 Not my first choice but that's where it is. 
 So, I like to keep very little on it to keep it from looking cluttered. 
 I have some hand soap in one corner and dish soap in the other. 
 I didn't want an ugly plastic dish soap bottle out 
so I bought this cute oil dispenser.
But it really isn't functioning well. 
 It takes for ever to get the soap out. 
 To say it was slow was an understatement
 It also kept falling apart when pouring. 
 So the other day I finally decide to do something about it. 

I still liked the bottle, but I decided to toss the top. 
 I dug in my junk drawer
 (you can find anything in those kitchen junk drawers)
 and found a cork that fit.  
That was much user friendly. 
 Just not so pretty.

Then I recalled this pot lid I bought once at Salvation army. 
 I just wanted the knob cause it was so cute. 
 I paid just a few cents for it!  
So I unscrewed it from the lid and gorilla glued it to my cork.

  I love it. 
 Functional, pretty, cheap and unique!!!  
What more could ya ask for.

It's all in the details!!!

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Pine Tree Home said...

Way to be creative and use what you have. I had one of those soap pour thingys too and hated it.

Elder Esplin said...

LOVE THAT! Great idea:)

Jennie (Cinnaberry Suite)

Karena said...

So true it is all in the details and the creativity to come up with these great ideas!

Art by Karena

dee dee said...

How fantasticly creative! Love this sweet project!
Dee Dee

Pudel-design said...

Cute one;)
I`m your latest follower, please come and visit my blog too;)


Lovely greetings...

The Olde Farmhouse on Windmill Hill said...

I'm here visiting after your guest post on Remodelaholic.... and I LOVE what I see! I'm your newest follower. ~Rachel @ The Olde Farmhouse