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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Worth every minute!!!

When I was young, 
like 10 or so,
 I liked the same things only on a smaller scale! 
 I loved doll houses and furniture. 
 I had lots of miniatures.  
I made my own two-story doll house out of cardboard and wall papered most the walls.  
I made most of the furniture for it too. 
 I eventually threw away the house but I kept most of the furniture.  
My girls knew I had a box of doll furniture but that they had to be old enough to take care of it.  
Well the are almost ten, 
so when they asked me to get out the box,
 I decided I better before they were too old.  
They were so excited as I opened it and pulled piece after piece out.  
They made lots of OOOhhhs and AAAAHHHHS.  
The spent the next days engrossed in playing house. 
 It was so great to see.

Love my dining table and chairs?
(Made with spools, cardboard and fabric.)

Ken looks like a giant!!

The joy on their faces worth every minute!!!


Celeste B. said...

Looks like you always had the gift! It is so nice that you kept them and can pass them on to your girls. They look like they are having a great time.

dee dee said...

When I was young my mom and I built a doll house out of a card board box, along with some furniture. She still has it and my daughter and nieces have loved playing with it over the past many years! Thanks for the memories! I love your table and chairs!
Dee Dee