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Monday, May 2, 2011

Breakfast in Bed and 5 things I Love about being a Mom!

No, it is not mothers Day, 
 But Jaysen decided to make me breakfast in bed a few weeks ago!  
He gave me a list of things to buy and then strict instructions to sleep in the next morning.  
So I did!!!  

When he finally came in this is what he brought!!!

An omelet, sausage, cinnamon cake and strawberries. 
 Looks good!!!  
And it tasted just as good!!

It made me feel so loved!  
I got to thinking about a post I saw the other day that said 
"5 things I love about being a Mom. "

And it made me start to think what do "I" love about being a mom.  
So here's my list:

1.  Watching my kids successes.  
My kids have lots in drama, education, art, music, spiritually and many more.

2.  Being there for them.  
I'm a stay at home mom and many days I feel overwhelmed, 
but when those moments come like important questions, talks about my teenagers friends and love life, hopes and fears.  
Those moments aren't planned they just happen and I love being here when they do.

3.  The little bits of love I get. 
 Like when my teenagers say I love you or tell their friends I'm skinny or pretty.  
When my younger ones hug me for no reason.  
When my daughter wants to be like me in action and dress.  
When every one wants to sit by me for dinner every night.
When they make me breakfast in bed.

4.  I love those mornings when a little head pokes in our room to see if we are awake, 
followed by snuggling in bed with mom and dad.  
And one by one our bed is filled with 6 kids.  
(That's why we had to eventually get a King sized bed.

5.  Last of all I love that I'm helping these awesome spirits achieve the best adults they can be. 
 I don't always remember this, 
but when I get glimpses it just fills me with love!!!

1 comment:

Emma said...

That is so sweet your son made you breakfast. I love being a sahm but it is overwhelming too. I just have to remember that the work I am doing is the most important in the world.