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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nana Day - Master Suit

Here's the newest project we are tackling at my Mom's.  
Her master suite!!!  
Previously, she had her office in the master bedroom and was sleeping in the extra bedroom. 
 I convinced her to make the extra bedroom into her office. 
And move herself back into the master bedroom. 
As we were in the planning stage she didn't want to cut into the wall to the bathroom.  
So we went another direction.  
But thankfully at the last minute Nana decided she wanted to cut through that wall!!!  
I was secretly wanting her to all along!!!

So I forgot to take before pictures, but here are some just after we started.  
She had laminate for the tub surround.  
So we took that down.  
We are going to put up cement board and tile!!

Next out came the extremely small linen closet.  
(Seriously why they even bothered making it is beyond me. 
The opening was like 10".  
What is that?)

Here is the front view of where the linen closet was.

Next we cut a huge hole in the wall the bathtub was on.  
Just back to the tub.

Nana loves light so we added two windows to her bedroom.
(The yellow wall in the above photo is the same wall in the photo below.)

Next we built a new wall about two feet in front of the wall we took down.

The photo below is just after we took the walls down.
(Just like in her kitchen a dumb cubbie hole.) 
Adding those two feet to her bathroom made a huge difference in the size and feel of the bathroom.

Here is the new wall and pocket door we had put in.  
(Wait till you see what we do with that space between the old and new walls.)

Next we painted the bedroom. 
 Nana was really afraid to go with the grey blue color I picked. 
 She thought it would feel cold.  
She decided to go lighter, 
until she got to the paint counter and then she just went with the color I picked.  
(She is just full of last minute surprises.)  

I love this color!

Once it started going up on the walls Nana started to get giddy.  
She was in love with the color.  
She  was so glad she went with the grey blue!!!!!

What do ya think? 
 It looks blue in some lights and grey in other lights. 
 Nana says it's just like the sky!

So we are concentrating on the bedroom first and then we will tackle the bathroom. 
 Here is a sketch of  the direction we are going for her room.

What do ya think?  
Soon I'll post the light fixture redo and nightstand we reworked. 
 I can't wait.


dee dee said...

I love the way this new space is coming together! It already looks like a different space and it's not done yet! Looking forward to seeing the finished product!
Dee Dee

Celeste B. said...

Love, love, love the color! It is a lot like the blue accent wall in my old house. I'm sure it will be awesome!

Emma said...

Ronda, you are amazing. The color is great. I love the sketch of her room. I am going to guess that the new space in the bathroom is for a linen closet. I look forward to seeing the reveal.

Nana said...

I Love you Sis and I love my rooms.