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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Prom! Mom to the rescue!

Austin went to Prom this last weekend. 
 He and a friend kinda waited till the last minute to plan what to,
 do partly due to lack of funds.  
So, at the last minute I found myself making a lovely picnic lunch 
of chicken salad on croissants, chips, bite size brownies and Sparking cider to drink. 
They went to a park and had fun eating and playing a photo scavenger hunt his friend's mom put together for them.  
For dinner the other mom said she would cook if  they ate at our house.  
So, I spent the rest of the day putting together a lovely table setting for them. 

 Not bad for throwing together what ever I had.  
What do ya think?

All the candle light really glittered off the glass and sparkly things.

I used curtain rings for napkin rings and clipped name cards to them.  

So here is the lucky guy and his adorable date Cami!!!  

It was fun!!! 
 Even if it wasn't what I had planned for my Saturday!!

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dee dee said...

Oh boy, I guess I have that to look forward to next year, Zac will be a junior next year! Looks like fun was had by all!
Dee Dee