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Friday, May 6, 2011

Star Wars Family

So the family that dresses up like Star Wars together, 
stays together.


 We have the geekiest family when it comes to Star Wars!!!! 
 So when Austin's Improv Team had a Star Wars themed show 
and encouraged everyone to dress up 
the Batchelors were so on board!!!   

(I should say my disclaimer,
I have a very big costume closet!!

O.K. I know,
 which is weirder,
 that we want to dress up 
or that I have that many costumes on hand?)

OK, back to my post.

Don't be frightened!!  
This is not the real Darth Vader 

It's just Les!
And here's the double Princess Leias with Jedi Branden!

Oh, and check out Jaysen, 
I mean Luke SkyWalker 
using a Jedi move on the camera man.
 (Love that blonde hair.)

Oh yeah, and the show was fun too!!  
 Very entertaining and fun!

They had all the audience members that dressed up come up at the end. 
 (Les wouldn't go up)

It was actually on Branden's birthday so they sang to him at the end.

What a fun show! 
 Now you know how weird that Star Wars Family, I mean Batchelors are!!!!


Sheri said...

Love this! We almost had a Star wars Halloween this last year, but Leia, and our "youngling" bailed, and we were just left with Anakin (sp??)!

Celeste B. said...

Pretty impressive! If you ever need extra money you can rent yourselves out for photo shoots. We saw some people at the Zoo doing that. You just need a storm trooper!

Emma said...

Awsome costumes! I don't think it is weird you have that many costumes, just lots of fun.