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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Topiary Tree of my own

I hope you all had a great Mother's Day! 
 I got breakfast in bed!!!
My two teenage sons made it. 
 Later that day at church Austin said his young men's leaders were bragging that they made their wives breakfast.  
"Oh what did you make?" Austin asked.  
"Pancakes!" was the best answer.  
I made crumb cake with strawberries on top and eggs and bacon with a glass of O.J. and milk and a bowl of strawberries.  
Yes, he was proud of he and his brothers breakfast!! 
 And he should have been.
It was a fun day.  
We had dinner at my sisters. 
And just relaxed.
Les talked to his family in Arizona and grandpa requested a family picture to see how big everyone was getting.  
You know those lovely family pictures were everyone looks so cute?  
Not happening here!

We were, I think, trying to smile?  
(Notice Jaysen is standing on his toes to look taller than mom!)
But it is what it is and I love my mother's day family portrait!!!

On to the rest of this post.
Thought I'd show you my inspiration for my little project!

So I picked this up at DI once for $2 or $3. 
 I wanted something similar.  
So I gathered up what I could find.  
(I just decided to make this out of the blue one day, I'm weird that way!)

I had a foam ball, an old dowel and some greenery.

Step one, paint ball green and stain stick darker brown.
(I actually used watered down paint to stain the dowel.  That's what I had on hand.)

Next, I just clipped the greenery of the vine and stuck or glued it in the ball.
It took a little while!!

Next I stuck floral foam in my silver vase (I got at DI)
 and added some moss on top.

I liked it but it needed a little something. 

 Oh, those thin sticks I got free at a garage sale once, 
that my husband said, "What are you going to do with those?"


Just wrapped them around the dowel.

I love it!! 
 I can't wait to make a matching one as I have two silver vases.
  Now I just have to actually go out and buy a foam ball and greenery!!


Les said...

Is there no end to your talents?

dee dee said...

Wow, I like that you do projects like I do! Your's turned out fantastic! Great job!
Dee Dee

Celeste B. said...

Nice family photo! I think those not-so-perfect ones are the best.