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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another talented Artist in the family

Today I wanted to highlight another one of my children.
  Jaysen is a very very talented artist.  
His Junior High recently had their art show, 
he received quite a few ribbons and he also won ribbons on the district level. 
 I know everyone thinks their kid is a great artist, but Jaysen really is. 
 In first and second grade we could always tell which pictures were his on the bulletin boards cause they were shade in two to three colors.

This first pictures is one of my favorites. 
I love the vibrant colors and intricate design. 
Below it is next to others in his art class.  
(I am in no way saying the others are bad.  He just takes everything to the next level.)

He painted this parrot and spray painted the back ground.

This building is also one of my favorites.

He painted Neytiri from Avatar and it looks like a photo.

This restaurant scene looks like a photo also.

Here he is with his wall of art.

This is his tile he made.

This picture below he did in a few minutes.

Here's one he is working on.
(Can't say I love the subject matter, but I like the detail.)

Here is one of his latest.  

He painted this bird drinking from the faucet for Nana's office.  
She loves it.

He is very talented, he is hoping to get enough work done to have an art show of his own.  
He is leaning toward Urban themed art.  
Just wanted to brag on my child!!!
Wouldn't you?
Love ya Jaysen!


Becky said...

Wowzers!!! That is one talented kiddo!

Jennifer Leigh said...

Absolutely Amazing!!

Amanda said...

I am delurking from blog stalking to say HOLY COW -- that kid is talented! The work he's done would be remarkable for a seasoned adult artist. The fact that he's so young makes his work even more outstanding. I absolutely agree that he should pursue a show. I imagine he might even be featured now just because of his incredible age.

Daniel said...

that's pretty awesome, i would love to take that first one out into my workshop and turn it into a stained glass window!

dee dee said...

Oh my goodness....
I have an art major, and I more than agree with you, he is very talented! Even though you don't always like the subject matter, the fact that you reconize and support his talent is fantastic! Wonderful pieces of artwork!
Dee Dee

**** April **** said...

found your blog through one of your link ups for your bathroom cabinet reorg. I just wanted to see what else it was all about and WOW.... AMAZING STUFF!!! You have an absolutley talented young man! I, too, have a kiddo interested in art.. not nearly on this level but... that's quite inspirational!

Anonymous said...

Stunning work! He should check out Slow Army, an urban art group of artists (based in Melbourne, FL, I believe). He would also like the work of Derek Gores (Melbourne, FL local): http://www.derekgores.com/collage.php:)