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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bathroom Storage

Now, I want to show you a project I recently did in the little kids bathroom.
  Our builder grade vanities are plenty big enough just no storage. 
 How can that be?  
The 5 foot vanity is just two little drawers and one giant open space behind four doors.  
Unless you are storing four 24" rolls of toilet paper that's just not helpful.

(Yes, I'm showing you my very messy cupboard.)
First, I tried to put some plastic baskets stacked in there. 


  I finally decided enough was enough. I measured the inside of the cupboard and stuck the measurements in my purse.  
When I came across the perfect size baskets at the grocery store for $1 each I snatched them up brought them home set them in my laundry room 
and there they sat and sat and sat and you get the picture.  

(I know you do all your projects the moment you walk in the door!)

One day I thought what's my problem and just started the project. 

 (That's always the hardest part.)

I started by cleaning out everything out.

Next, I searched the workshop looking for small scraps of wood I could use.  

Found some!!  

Then I measured and cut them to length and attached them to one side and the back with our brad nailer. 

(Yes, Les I used a level to make sure they were level!)

Then back to the workshop to find more scraps from our master bath remodel for the side and the shelves.  
I cut a white melamine scrap to fit on the third side.  

(It doesn't matter if it fits exact. Just must be over half the area.

Then I attached ledgers to that board.  
Measuring to make sure they would line up with the ones I'd mounted on the cabinet walls.

 (If your totally confused look at the picture below.)

After measuring and cutting the shelves I tact the shelves in with the brad nailer. 
Here is the side view.

And the Front view.

Then I added my cute $1 baskets and some labels.  
(Always label, label, label.
Did I mention you should label?

Any ways, I did this on both ends adding 6 baskets 
that slide in and out easily and don't have to stack. 
 I added four larger baskets in the middle where the plumbing pipes run.

That took me on day.  
The next day I turned my attention to the two drawers.  

I got a few more scraps of melamine,
 measured and cut to length and depth of the inside of the drawers.  
Then I had to go to the store and get some edging tape.

(I hate it when ya have to 
 and wait 
or go to the store 
it sure slows down a project.)  

OK, got it for about $5 for 25 feet.

Then I just ironed it on to the top edge of my boards with my regular old iron.  
(You could use any scraps of wood and not use tape, 
but it's in my kids bathroom. 
Melamine is much easier to cleaned up toothpaste from. 
 If you have kids you know what I mean.  
What don't they get toothpaste on?)

The tape is a little larger than the board so you have to trim it. 
 They make tools for this or a utility knife works great. 
 Last of all I took off the drawer front and used a block of wood as a spacer and brad nailed it in place through the drawer walls.

Now it looks neat and the hair brushes and toothbrushes don't have to slide around altogether in one drawer. 
(Now I see why I kept finding toothpaste in my kids hair!!! lol)

My husband was pleasantly surprise. 
 When I told him over the phone what I had done while he was at work,
 he said he was nervous to see what a mess of shelves I had made.  
He was somewhat shocked to actually like them.  

This project took about two afternoons and only $15 
(for baskets and edging). 
(All the wood was free, left over from other projects.)

 I am pleased to say it's working well. 
 Four of my six kids use this as their main bath.  
After over a month it's still looks neat, 
besides the occasional toothpaste that just appears here and there.


Emma said...

You are amazing! I have been wanting to do this in my kids top drawers. Thanks for the motivation.

Celeste B. said...

Very nice! You did an excellent job. Mike always says I have a "crooked eye" because I can't get things straight. Ugh! So, I have not attempted something so permanent.

Leanne said...

What a great solution. I love the cheerful basket colors too. Thanks for linking to the party.

Livin' In Duckville said...

A woman after my own heart!! My husband drives tractor-trailer & is gone alot of the time, so I end up being the 'project master'. He was quite surprised one year when I asked for a brad nailer for Christmas! The shelves look great. I too have the same problem in my bathroom. Thanks for the ideas!

Leslie said...

My building is a really old building and it doesn't have the undersink storage option like yours does. Do you have any bathroom storage tips for those kinds of bathrooms?


Selidji said...

How do make those labels?

craftytammie said...

thanks so much, this is just what i needed! and yes, there is always toothpaste everywhere.