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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How's it Going?

This picture of Branden says it all 
when it comes to how my back feels 
from laying around in bed for five days!!!! 

But really this is not a post to complain about my surgery experience but the opposite. 
 The pain is really not to bad, but I've had some great treasured moments. 

 Let me share what I have learned:

#1.  How much my kids seek me out

I try to be around and actually stop what I'm doing when my kids come home.  I try to find them and talk about their day for a few moments each day.  
It has been such a treasure to find that when I can not come to them, they have come to me.  
They walk into and come straight to my bed.  Sometimes they just say Hi or hug me other times they curl up and fall asleep and may other times they just come and talk to me.  
(Especially my teenagers, they come lay down and talk before and after they walk in and out the door.)  Today I lay in bed with two of my youngest on either side of me.  
These are memories that you take a mental snapshot of.

#2. What mom's are really for.

This first day home my two oldest got into a fight. 
 I think stress and emotions were high.  
They actually swung at each other. 
(I thankfully was all drugged up with pain killers.)
  But later I heard that Quinton said, 
"Wow, now I see why we need moms.  
Just a few hours with out her and look what's happening."  
(Don't know if it's true but it sure felt good to hear.)

#3.  How much a friendly face can do!

  Just when I was feeling a little low on the fourth day my neighbor Shelley showed up bearing a few sweet gifts.  
But the gift of her conversation and and friendship made me feel so much better. 

After the painkillers wore off and I was able to get on the computer, 
I was also touched and my spirits lifted by the sweet comments of my friends and followers. 
 Thank you all!!

#4.  No matter how old you are you still need your Mom! 

 I don't know how I could get by with out her. 
She has brought me a yummy lunch each day, taken me to the doctors, picked up and taken care of my kids at the drop of a hat. 
 (Like when Emilee called and needed picked up from school cause she felt sick.) 
 Thanks Mom!

#5.  How great of man I married!

He has totally been the Captain of our ship at home. 
 And kept it in tip top shape. 
(A messy house is stressful to me and he has taken that stress away and kept it picked up so well.)

 He took me to surgery and waited two hours in a tiny room. 
 He has worked on taking the kids where he can, 
doing laundry, 
waiting on me hand and foot. 
And many more things I can't even count.
 But most impressive was that he has done it so lovingly with out complaining.  
He actually said it was fun to take care of me. 

 I have gone to bed at night holding his hand 
and so grateful I have some one like him to help through this!!!

I Love you Les!!

#6.  How grateful I am to able to walk.

  Something I take way to much for granted.  
I'm so thankful to a Father in Heaven who blesses me with so much even when I don't seem grateful.   

These are the things I've learned through this trial thus far!!!  
Thanks for all your prayers,
I will try to post some projects posts I had done before I had surgery.


The Olde Farmhouse on Windmill Hill said...

Great post, Ronda! The comments and behavior from your husband and kids are tribute to what a great wife and mom you are. Hope you're feeling better.... ~Rachel

Emma said...

It is always nice to step back and see the blessings in ones life. You have wonderful kids, which means you are a wonderful mother! :) I am glad you are feeling better. Sending get well wishes from Iowa.