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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nana's Day - Let there be light

We are still working on Nana's master retreat.  

Let's talk about her lighting. 
It can make all the difference.  
The lighting she had was a Ikea fixture meant to light up art work. 
It was way to dim for general lighting, so we relocated it to the hallway. 

 She wanted a chandelier so we started looking.  
We fount this one at the Restore for $2.  
The only thing wrong was the center wouldn't stay attached.  
We found a long threaded piece that goes through the center of the light, 
it wasn't long enough to screw into the base.  
We just went to Lowe's and bought and extender for a few dollars. 
 (Sorry forgot to take pictures)

We also bought a ceiling medallion from Lowe's and install it all. 

It took a few days of living with it before Nana decided to let me glam and glitz it up.  
We found these glittery stick ons which I wrapped around the top of the chandelier sleeve.  
Just enough to catch the light.

Then we added some cut glass drops and vintage glass bead necklace Nana had. 
 We also added some silver rub-n-buff to the medallion.  

Just a little glam!!!
  Nana loves it! 
 And she is what matters most here.

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