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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our trip to Arizona

Remember when I said I'd tell ya about our trip to Arizona?  
Well I'm telling ya now!  
(Aren't ya excited?
 (OK, just humor me there's some talented art coming up)

We stayed all week with Grandma and Grandpa Batchelor. 
 It was fun to see them.  
The kids loved the added bonus of a pool in their backyard and went swimming 
at least once every day!!!

One of our first visits was to my old friend Marianne and her girls.

This is where we met their killer rabbit . 
 Notice how soft and grey and cute he looks in the picture below with Austin. 
 I snapped this picture just before the rabbit bit Austin and scampered across Les' legs, 
causing his legs to bleed. 
(Looks can be sooo deceiving.)

We also got to visit another friend of mine Karrie.  
We had fun catching up. 
 As we were getting ready to leave she showed us the room she had decorated like Jaysen's.  
She had copied a lot of the same details 
(made me feel so flattered
But she hadn't done the graffiti on his wall. 
 Jaysen and Austin are into urban art and Graffiti, 
so I suggested that Austin and Jaysen could do it for her.  

So we gathered all the spray paint she had on hand and the boys quickly came up with a plan.  
Pretty good for spur of the moment.  
(OK pretty good at any time)  
She said she was please, (hope you really are Karrie) and the boys loved it.  
(Spoken like a proud mama! Got to show off my boys.)

We also visited my close friend Kathy!  
That was fun I sure miss her friendship!

My kids favorite visit was to our old neighbors Jeanne and Ron. 
 They were so happy to see us and we told them to move to Utah so they could be our neighbors again.  

When we first arrived Jeanne took us next door to our old house and showed us our old driveway we had pour when we did and addition to our house.  
On the edge we had put each of our family members hand prints in the cement.  
(Or at least every one in the family at the time.  That was the first three kids only.)

The boys put their hands next to their imprints.  
We had forgotten all about those prints. 
 It was so fun to see.  
Thanks Jeanne.

After hearing that the boys like graffiti she told them they could do something on her brick wall in her back yard.  
(Only this time we had to drive 30-40 minutes to get "graffiti paint".  We must be crazy parents.)  
But it turned out great.  
Austin did the left side and Jaysen the robot on the right. 
(I told ya there was some great art in this post.)

What do ya think? 
 I think it's awesome.  
They are so talented.  
And don't they look cute posing with their art work.

We ended with Grandpa taking us to the Dinosaur museum. 

We really had a good time thanks to all for letting us come say Hi!


dee dee said...

What a fun visit!
Dee Dee

Bambi said...

Wow! they have mad talent.
I love it!!!!

Karie said...

We absolutely love it! That was so very nice of the boys to share their talent with us. Thank you so much!!!!

Karie said...

We absolutely love it! That was so very nice of the boys to share their talent with us. Thank you!!!