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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pinch me! I'm in Cottages and Bungalows Magazine!

I'm so excited to be in a second magazine!!  
  Jickie Torres the editor of Cottages and Bungalows spotted my bathroom via my blog
 and asked if she could put it in the September issue.  
Well I said, Yes!! 
and I've been waiting to see what it would turn out like ever since.

Here's the cover. 

Bathroom Boosters
in the pink band at the top is the article my bathroom is in.

It's a two page spread. 
 It's so fun to see your project in the glossy pages of a magazine.  
I can't believe how lucky I am.  
I'm truly thankful, I mean there are a lot of great things out there in blog land and I just one of them.
Thanks for letting me share, 
 I can't really go around telling everyone I'm in a magazine, 
but I can share it with you!  
 Tell me what ya think.


The Olde Farmhouse on Windmill Hill said...

I think that it's awesome and well deserved! Congratulations, Ronda!

Celeste B. said...

Wow! You are a celebrity now. Congrats!

Emma said...

Ronda that is so neat. Your bathroom is amazing especially how you did it frugally. It looks so nice in the magazine. Congrats!!!

dee dee said...

Congrats again! I will have to hunt down this magazine tomorrow and check it out!
Dee Dee