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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Life at the Batchelors

I'm having so much fun on Parade of Homes.

  (I'm weird that way, I could look at homes all the time!

While I'm off playing I just wanted to share some of what it's like here at the Batchelor house.  

(Mostly for you Grandma and Grandpa Batchelor)

We love Monday night's. 
 That's when we have Family Home Evening.  
We have a song, prayer, scripture, discuss any family business, a short lesson (usually spiritual)  followed by and activity and everyones' favorite a treat
 Everyone in the family rotates through and gets a chance to do something different each week. 
 Below is a fun activity we did one week. 
 We made sack puppets. 
 (Remember we have a very artsy family) 
 Check out the boys hard at work.

Here are our finished puppets.  
That was a fun one.

Here's the girls in their Easter dresses.
(Yes I know Easter was months ago.)

The girls had a Pioneer show they put on at the end of school this spring. 
 I had to quickly make these
 pioneer out fits.  
(I mean the girls)

I love this picture of Branden making his treat for Family Home Evening. 
 Cool whip and jello are always good.

Last of all I leave you with the family dog, Ozzie!
  Living in the lap of luxury.
He cracks me up when he sleeps on the back of this chair.

Thanks for indulging me and seeing the Batchelors Way!

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