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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Project, Boys Room

It feels like we are always working on ten projects at once, 
Oh, we are!! 
 But really "we" 
(as in Les and I)
 try to stay on one major project at a time. 
 I usually do smaller projects in and around our major project.   
 Anyhoo, what is our next project?
The boys room!  
We promised our two middle boys we would finish their room downstairs last year. 
 (We didn't even start it last year.)  
When we moved into our house about four years ago the basement was completely unfinished.
 (With six kids we needed it finished the day we moved in.)  
We have since finished two bedrooms, a bathroom, and one storeroom.
 (Go here, here, here and here to see them
We started with a completely blank slate.  
Just before my surgery this spring we framed it.  
(Then my surgery and other health issues slowed us way down.)  
We did manage to get the electrical run, put in the insulation, and some Sheetrock in.
 I didn't take any pictures before this point.  
But here's what we are starting with.

Yes, that is graffiti all over the floor.  
My budding artist took it upon themselves to practice on the floor!!

OK, let me share the design process we have gone through thus far. 
 With some help from me, the boys signed off on a pirate themed room. 
(Not baby pirate, more like real Pirate of the Caribean like.) 
These two boys have to share a room for at least the next two years, 
so I wanted a way to give them some privacy within the room. 
I thought captains beds with curtains would give them their own room with in the room. 
 I also really wanted to put a window seat in.

So here is my first drawing. 
(Not to bad)

After some talking and measuring it turn into this.

Here's a colored picture.  
It's starting to look better. 
 I think I want to work in orange printed curtains instead of blue.  
What are your thoughts?  
Two walls will be wood paneling turned sideways to like the walls of a ship.

Here's a more detailed drawing of the shelves above the bed.  
We wired it so each boy will have a switch to his light above his bed.  
I want to  paint the back wall of these units a grey blue. 
 I've been collecting very cool pirate accessories for awhile now.  
Can't wait to get to that part. 

 Of coarse these are just ideas, 
they will change some depending on what materials we may find at say
 the Restore.  

So, that is what we spend our extra waking hours on.  
What are your thoughts? 
 Keep ya posted on our progress!


Karie said...

I love it! This sounds like so much fun. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Pine Tree Home said...

Great drawings. I am such a visual person that I totally need to see it first too!

Anonymous said...

Ooh. You were just featured on Better After, and now I'm dying to see the finished Pirate Room! I love it. What a cool thing to do for your kids. Hope it's done before they move out! ;)