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Thursday, September 1, 2011


This is a post all about my youngest!  
He helps us remember what it's like to be a young boy! 
 'Cause he is all boy.  
This past spring and summer he seem to be able to find a million ways to get in trouble. 
 Like getting out red food coloring and putting all over the backyard, then trying to wash it off in the bathroom and just getting everything red!!! 
 Or how about getting Vaseline and rubbing all over the girls spray bottle inside and out. 
 His boyish curiosity makes it so hard to stay out of his brothers things! 
 But his most dangerous was finding a lighter in the street and lighting his shower curtain on fire. 
 (Luckily it wasn't supper flammable and only burnt a small hole.)

His humor is pretty entertaining. 
 Like when he wanted a buzz cut but said,
 "Do just the middle first and take pictures so it looks like I'm balding."

He is so cute with or with out the buzz cut!

His imagination cracks me up.  
Check out his great idea to put duct tape over his mouth.  
He thought it was funny until he went to pull it off!!
(So little boyish)

Most of all I love his sweet spirit. 
 The other day he went fishing with his Dad. 
 He caught two fish and was very excited. 
 Dad wanting to teach some safety asked, 
"What would you do if a bear came up and wanted your fish?"
"I'd give them too him,"  Branden replied.
"That's good, but why?"
"Because it's the nice thing to do."
"Yes," Dad replied, "but if you didn't give it to the bear it would eat you."
"Yeah, but its still Christ like."

Just goes to show even when you think nothing is sinking in and they just get in trouble, 
they are listening to what you teach them!!!!

As hard as some days get I love being a mom, 
I need posts like this to remind me of that!

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