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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Closet Doors! Argh!

Yes, we are back to working on the boys pirate room, 
(What do I mean back we never seem to stop!)
In our Batchelors Way of always trying to save a buck, 
(because we have no bucks!),
we decided to frame out our own closet doors.
We must be crazy!  
OK, maybe I should back up a bit.  
A year or so ago we found doors for the closets at the ReStore. 
 They were such a good price I think they were $10 each. 
 So we bought two, because we were going to put double doors on a walk in closet.  
Well, when we got serious about working on the room, 
we found the best option was two regular closets side by side. 
And single doors don't allow good access to shallow closets.  
Problem, we only had two doors and needed four. 
 In order to match the doors we had we would have to special order them, 
as Lowe's only carried 24" doors.  
(Special order meant big bucks, remember we don't have those?)
Les suggested we cut the 24" doors down to match the other 22" doors we had. 
 Not a bad plan especially since we got one discounted because it's edges were damaged, 
(Perfect for us cause we would cut that part off.) 
 To make a long story short, 
(too late
we cut the doors down on the table saw, 
careful to cut 1" off each side so the raised panels would stay centered.  
We had to reinsert a 1x2 back along both edges.  

(If your interested in how to cut down hallow core doors let me know.)  

That was just the beginning of our Door Journey. 
 Next we had to frame them.  

We did this on the kitchen table, 
so professional.

Then we took them down stairs and installed them. 
 I hate installing doors, 
it should be easy but it is not! 

We had to really work with these. 
 At one point we realized we had router the slot in the door for the hinges too deep.  
So, Stove Top Stuffing to the rescue!
No, I did not put food behind my hinges, 
we ate the stuffing. 
 I did how ever cut out spacers from the box and put behind the hinges.  
Worked like a charm.

I was never so happy to see doors installed.  
You should hear angles when you look at the next pictures, cause I did!!!

We have successfully installed both set of doors. 
 Les was feeling like they were inferior, until we went to parade of homes.  
When he saw his looked and operated just as good or better than a lot of the double doors we saw he felt better.
So, here they are in all there glory.

As you can see it's also been taped and textured.  
Now onto paint and paneling.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Celeste B. said...

Wow! They look great! We have double doors on the kids closets and even professionally installed they can have "problems". They look great and I'm sure they work awesome too. You and Les have such attention to detail!