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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dad's Big Fish Story!

A few weeks ago Les went to help with our two oldest boys scout camp.  
He had to get back to work and was only able to stay for the first day or so. 
 He left one afternoon after most of camp went on a hike.  
He stopped on his way home to do some fishing.  
He was standing on a big rock that went down in the water, 
he may have gotten too close to the edge or it may have been a little mossy, 
but either way
he fell in
 He fell into ice cold water, and when he fell in I mean he fell in.  
He went completely underwater.  
Yes, he said his life flashed before his eyes and he thought this was the end.  
When he finally came to the surface and started to climb out,
 he realized he was still holding his fishing pole and it had a fish on it! 
 So he threw it up on the bank,
(Gotta have a fish from the story)
He then proceeded to scrape up his legs as he tried to climb out on the slippery mossy rock. 
He finally made it out and home.  
As funny as the story was we were sure glad he was OK. 
 I mean no one knew where he was. 
 If he had hit his head or something, that could have been tragic.  
Just grateful that the Lord was looking out for him. 

So here are the fish from Les great adventure.  
Yes, the largest was 13" long.
 (Your welcome Les for bragging about your big fish.)

After emptying his pockets, 
cell phone 
(yes, it still works)
 and fishing license
 (wet but still good), 
Daddy cleaned the fish as he told the kids his story. 
 Great times.  
Branden couldn't wait until Daddy took just him fishing a week later.

That's Les' big fish story and he's sticking to it!! 
 Thanks for stopping by.

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