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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nana's Day - Bathroom Reveal

We are finally done with Nana's new bathroom.  
Here are the befores:
(This is after we ripped out some walls, which made the bathroom about 2 feet bigger.)

I forgot to get befores actually
 but this is after the laminate shower walls were ripped out.

Here is the corner where we took out the world's smallest linen closet 
and included that space in the new bath.

Here's during construction, after the walls were rebuilt.


She wanted to keep the vanity to keep the cost down.  
So, Les and I used our router to put some simple lines on the doors.  
Then we update the knobs and handles.  
Next we had a new counter top, sink and faucet put on.  
She also replaced the toilet with a new taller one.

Her old shower was made of counter top laminate!  
So we upgraded to tile.  
The solid grey tiles we found at the Restore 
and the marble look field tiles and trim tiles were purchased from Lowe's.  
It came together with a very classic look.

The storage we added is one of my favorite things. 
 This cabinet is in the space we added to the bathroom footprint. 
 It looks like it was always there 
and is so much more functionable than the old dinky linen closet 
that use to open to the hallway.  
We had our favorite Cabinet Guy make them, (Jeff Homer from Copper Canyon Design.)  
He did a wonderful job as usual. 
 He even matched the front to the vanity doors we routered.

This is the corner formerly known as the dinky linen closet.  
The mirror is from Walmart and the awesome vase was a gift I purchased for her from D.I.  

She had a hard time deciding on the floor.  
She didn't think she wanted wood but in the end I convinced her to do wood and she loves it.  
(It's not real wood, it's thin vinyl strips you glue down.  It's just laid on the diagonal with a boarder.)  Looks great!!! 

                           Here's the view from the master bedroom through the new pocket door.

All in all it turned out great and she loves the extra space. 
 It is amazing what 2 feet can do!!!

So what do ya think? 


The Olde Farmhouse on Windmill Hill said...

I think it's great! I love the color - it's so clean and airy looking. Great job, Batchelors! :) ~Rachel

Les said...

You guys are awesome. The best thing about this project is I didn't do any of it. It was all your doing. Remember, take a picture of the project you did using materials from the Re-Store and get $5 off your next purchase.

Emma said...

It is beautiful! I like how you added detail to the cabinets. I wish you could come help me with my projects. ;) You are such a great daughter. A couple years ago I convinced my parents to let me rip out their '70's bathroom wallpaper and paint the walls light blue. My mom refused, you would have thought I asked to cut a toe off. Finally my mom gave in and loves the space. It makes me happy they gets so many compliments.