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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Pillows

I've wanted some pillows on my couches for quite awhile. 
 I even bought some material quite awhile ago. 
Then on a recent trip to Ikea I found some feather pillow forms for $6.99, 
they matched one I already had at home. 
 I bought two, brought them home and I finally got serious about it.
First, I measured and cut out the pillow pieces.  
Next I went on-line and to my word processor 
and found some images and words I liked. 
I printed them out 
and then using my good old exact-o knife, 
cut out a stencil.

Next, I pinned it to the pillow top.
(I did this before I assembled my pillow 
but you could do it after it was assembled, 
but before you put the pillow form in.)

Then I got busy dabbing paint.  

I like how the paint is darker in some areas and lighter in others.  
It makes it feel older.

Then I sewed the pillow together.

 Total cost per pillow:
$14 for 2 pillow forms
one free pillow form
$4 for fabric
Paint already had
home made stencil free
$18 total divided by three pillows
$6 per pillow


So here she is on my couch. 
 Love it! 

I really like the softness of feather pillows.  
They conform more to you when you lean up against them.   
And they pump right back up with a quick pat. 
 I made another one with a {B} on it.  
I really like them they make the couches feel more finished to me.  

Now I just want a small pillow with some yellow on it!!!
(I want, want, want!!!! Is there a cure for that?)
Thanks for stopping by!



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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

These are really beautiful! I would love to make some with feathers inside...they would feel soft and luxurious! ♥

Just Jaime said...

Awesome stenciling!

Mary said...

Very pretty! You have some patience to cut them out with an exacto knife! Mary

Les said...

$6 per pillow? You are invaluable!