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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ways to Give Back to Your Community

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Walgreens asked me to share ways to give back to your community. 
 The biggest one for me is

I know we are all busy!
We all have things to do.
I totally feel that way.
So, I build volunteering into my schedule.
 I pick a day and put "Kids School" on my calendar.
 Every week I go in and volunteer in my little kids classrooms same time each week.
I've done this with all my kids in elementary.
 I feel it's important as a mom to know who is teaching them, and what is being taught, who their class mates are and how they are in school.

 I also think this is a good way to help the teacher be a better teacher, by freeing up some of her/his time.  Thus I'm helping all the children.
I've done everything from checking papers, sharping pencils, cutting out stuff, making copies and working with small groups.
I also try to help with other PTA events like Eye Tests, book fairs and such.
 Junior High and High Schools have PTA's and need help also.
 It's just a little different kind of help.
I volunteer on my kids Junior High Community Council and help with various PTA events for the kids.

You don't even have to have a child in the school to help out.
 My mother helps out at all of my kids schools. 

You can also volunteer your time at church.
 I belong to a church that has no paid clergery.
Members are asked to do indiviual jobs or callings.
I get great rewards emotionally and spiritually by doing this work at church.
 Right now I'm serving as the President over the children.
We have a bout 70 or more kids each week.
It feels great to help out in this way each week.

You can also volunteer to help your neighbors with moving, dinners when sick, laying sod or what ever they stand in need of.
Yes, this all takes time.
And it is never a good time so just do it.
 It all works out in the end.

O.K. enough preaching.
 I think all of this is important but we must teach it to our children.
 I'm hoping they have learned from my small example.

 My son Jaysen
(Wow he's cute
is working on giving back to his community big time.  
He is working on his Eagle Project, which is a Haunted House Can Food Drive.  
He is planning on raising minimum 1,500 cans to donate to the local food bank.
 He has been busy planning and talking to people to get donations and help.
 I'm very impressed so far.
 He has been able to get on-line companies to donate some masks and a make-up airbrush.
He is also collecting garage sale items to make money to buy makeup and things not donated. 
I can not wait to share  pictures with you.
 It will be very scary
 (in a good way)!!!

 I really am most excited for Jaysen to get through this experience and see what hard work can do, and see how he feels when he takes the food down to donate it.
 He was already considerably touched when he visited the food bank to discuss his plans.

I did not do this post to say look at all the things I do.
 I only do a small amount compared to many others.
I'm just trying to say,
 if I can find the time to give back any one can.
 It doesn't have to be big.
 In the end giving back to the community is what I think makes us better people.
It makes our cities and towns stronger.
 If we serve others in any way we grow to love them.
Thanks for stopping by.

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