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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Austin is Royalty, got to get a photo of that!

Yes, it's time for me to brag on one of my kids again.
(I seem to do that a lot.)
Austin was voted as 1st Attendant for Homecoming Royalty.
I know everyone
 (including Austin)
thinks this is just a popularity contest.  
But he was nominated by teachers, 
and Austin has always had the attitude of being friends with everyone, 
no matter what group your in.  
He tries to befriend people in every type of group. 
 He seems to really be able to connect with handicap kids among others. 
 He can literally talk to almost any one. 
 He wasn't too impressed, 
but I was cause I think it shows that he really is a friend to all.  

So here he is.
(Wow! what a cutie!)

This is him at the parade and at the school assembly walking through Blood Alley 
(which is a walk way made by the Spinnakers drill team.
 (Can I just add how much I love living in Magna.  It's has such a small town community feel.)

So at the Homecoming Game I was so excited to get that perfect photo of this event. 
 I mean Austin is so cute how hard could it be?  

Well for me, 
Pretty Much Impossible!!!

Let's see,
 it all started out when 8 minutes before halftime I realized I had forgot my camera.  


 So I called my mom at her house and asked her to pick up my sisters camera at her house and bring it to me. 
(Luckily she was at home.
She was speedy and made it before the 8 minutes were up.  
So I was down front ready to capture my great shot. 
 I took a couple of practice shots of the drill team just to make sure I was ready.  
Then they announced the royalty and drove them onto the track.  
 As they came by me I tried to click and shoot.  
What the heck the camera had just ran out of juice.  
 I figured that was it!  
I made my way back up the stands to my sister, who quickly grabbed the camera and bag and said, 
"I have extra batteries."  
She and her husband frantically changed them.  
Good as new and I made my way back to the bottom of the stands just as the jeep stopped on the other side of the track to let the kids out. 
 Now I was ready as they came down Blood Alley. 
.....that Austin and his partner decided to do a little dance down Blood Alley. 
 So all my shots were blurry.  
(I should of use the video function or sports setting, 
but how was I to know they were going to dance!)      

I snapped a few as he entered the stands.  
Well live and learn! 
 I'm still so proud of him! 
 We love ya Austin!


KeriAnne said...

That's amazing! What a great kid!

Tawnya said...

Here I am browsing through your blog (I like your tips on decorating:) and I see this post. I recognize those sabers...wait a minute, those *have* to be the spinakers!! I went to Cyprus 10 (or so) years ago. I now live in Iowa so it was fun to see the gold and blue track. Go pirates! (Fun for your son too!)

Kristin said...

Oh my gosh...like Tawnya above, I am a first time browser (thanks to the pirate doors post on Better After) and what to my wondering eyes would appear - but Spinnakers from Cyprus High School! Yes, I too, am a former Cyprus Pirate! Although...I am much older than Tawnya...my 25 year reunion is coming up in 2012! Small world this is!