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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

B & B Campout

I seem to spend every waking minute on Jaysen's haunted  house. 
 I was over there half of Friday, all day Saturday, and last night. 
 When I'm not there I've been sewing costumes and out shopping for stuff for it. 
 And today I plan on finishing the last costume and then spending the rest of the day over there.  
Only two more days till it opens.  
I must say, that it is looking very cool.  
It's fun to see Jaysens imagination coming to life.  
It's a shame it has to be torn down next week.  
Any way, I can't wait to show ya pictures. 
 Life is going so fast I'm posting our summer activities now. 
 Late this summer we went on our annual family camp out wtih my sisters family the Bryces. 
 (Bryces & Batchelors, B & B get it?)
Any way this year we rented cabins at a girls camp. 
 It was awesome.  
There was even an outdoor kitchen.  
And the animals were not afraid of you.  
They just sat there or walked through our camp site.  
It was very exciting for the kids and us.

We had lots of fun but the highlight was the ropes course we got to go on. 
 Doing something so high and scary is empowering when your done.  
 You had to climb up a pole, cross over on a wire, transfer to the eagles nest and zip line down.
 You can't tell in the pictures but they are about 15' to 20' above the ground.  
Here's Awesome Austin.

And Brave Branden.  

Em and Jaysen 

And Quinton sliding down the zip line at the end.

Ashlee don't look down.

All the kids, my sister and even I did it. 
 That's me below.
(Lovely picture I know)  

We also did a bunch of group activities on the ground 
which were fun to see how well we could work as a team.  
Spending time together is important to me!  
Some day my kids will thank me. 
 (I hope)
Thanks for stopping by.

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Celeste B. said...

I'm being on my posts too...maybe I'll get all the ones in "draft" mode done someday. LOL!

Great pics! Looks like a lot of fun. I miss camping...it is too yucky here to camp. You would think it would be nice, but, ummmmmm, not so much.