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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cowboy Up!

My city kids got the chance to Cowboy up this summer. 
 {Well just the three youngest.}
There are horses at the end of our street, and horses are Ashlee's new love.  
So when the owner of the horses said the kids could come ride,
 they were over the top excited.
 Branden had to wear his black beat up cowboy hat and lambs wool lined vest.  
{It was a blazing hot day!!}
He had sweat dripping down his face but he was happy 
'cause he looked "like a cowboy."

They each got to ride all by them selves and even trotted.  
They were so excited and proud.
 It's moments like this I'm glad I took the time and stood out in the heat.  
Their faces were so worth it.

This last picture is one I really like. 
 Life is made up of small sweet moments.
Thanks Heavenly Father.

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