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Friday, October 21, 2011

Guest Posting and Jaysen's Eagle Project!

I'm guest posting today 
over at my cousins at
Go on over and check it out.  
She has an awesome blog.
A Happy Place Called Home

Now on to what's keeping us really busy.  
 Jaysen's time sapping  Eagle Project.
It is a huge gargantuan project. 
 I think I mentioned before it's a Haunted House/ Canned Food Drive.  
The entrance fee is 2 cans of food which he is donating to the local food bank. 
 He is doing at our church's outdoor pavilion.
He needed some funds to make it all happen, so he had a garage sale. 
 We spent days gathering friends, family, and church members donations.  
Then we spent a long day having the garage sale. 
Here's my garage as we were collecting items.  
(No, I could not park in the garage for a week.)
(Les still can't park on his side due to haunted house building materials.)

It was a big sale and big success. 
 I thought it was enough work to warrant a Eagle Project.
(Come on I was pooped)
But that was just the beginning.

We have helped order things on line and run all over town getting props and supplies,
 preparing advertising, 
and making costumes. 
 I still have one more Jacket to make.

Last week end we moved about 150 to 200 2x4's so we would be ready to build.

Saturday was our first building day.  We have some talented men at church who volunteered to help build the temporary walls. 
 They were awesome.
 Jaysen did very good at being a leader.  
They turned to him for all decisions. 
 I was so grateful for such wonderful men to help make this a reality for Jaysen.  
You can see one of the walls being built and going in place below.  

I am amazed at Jaysen's hard work, he has been very self motivated.  
This Saturday we are finishing the interior walls and painting. 
He will be open next  Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Halloween.
This kid is supper talented,
 I can't wait to see what he does in life.

Any whoo, I can't wait to show ya pictures of the actually scary stuff.
Thanks for stopping by.

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Karie said...

I can't wait to see the end results. I wish I was there to help, sounds like a little bit of fun to me!! Good Luck Jaysen!