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Friday, October 7, 2011

Homecoming Dance

Where I live the kids spend a fortune on Formal dates such as Homecoming or Prom. 
 If new clothes, dance ticket, flowers and dinner aren't enough they have to add activities that last all day. 
 It can cost hundreds of $$$$.  
Where do these kids get that kind of money? 
 Well, Austin came to me and asked for help with dinner and a picnic lunch.
(Mom, you make me look good, was the key phrase that got me.)  
The girl he asked is a cowgirl.  
So I suggest a rustic country theme.   
He took her on a great picnic,
 from what I hear.  
(He didn't want me to go and take pictures! )
(Just kidding I wouldn't do that!)  
I spent the day getting ready for his dinner.  
Here's what I came up with. 
 I only spent $5.  

How did I do that? 
 I used what I had and borrowed everything but the flowers.  
Here's the break down:
Originally we were going to do the dinner in a barn, 
but Austin wasn't able to get one lined up 
so we went to plan B 
Our Back Yard
His dates family happily brought over some hay bales 
(secretly of coarse
I used them as a backdrop and as seating. 
 I threw blankets over the seating bales to protect their clothes. 
 Remember when I pulled this old door out of the Dumpster, 
I still have it just laying around. 
 It was perfect. 
 I shopped my neighbor Shelley's from House of Smith's.  
I borrowed the perfect table.  
Very rustic and short just the right height for the hay bale seats. 
I also borrowed the yellow star from her. 
 I had the wreath and table setting.  
The only thing I bought was flowers. 
 I bought a sunflower bouquet because it went well with the them, 
and I had a wild sunflower growing on the side of my garage. 
 I used the wild ones to add and fill out the store bought bouquet as I arranged it in a metal bucket I had.
  Too cute!!!

Here is his date.
 Is she cute or what? 
 I may have went a little over board on taking her picture. 
 She looks good in every picture.
 I loved her hair. 

Austin asked me to take pictures for them,
 I guessed he wanted some better pictures that the standard school dance pictures. 
 He was a little surprised at my Little (or big) photo shoot.

That was just a sample of the photo's I took.  
The one above is my favorite.

After pictures they ate the yummy dinner I made and raspberry cheesecake Maddie's mom supplied. 
It was picture perfect, 
well almost. 
 Let me explain what happened between these lovely photo's.  
Austin came home from the picnic and I got the table staged picture perfect. 
 Apparently they got back 30 minutes late and Maddie said she need 3 hours to get ready.
  We were ready and waiting. 
 I planned on putting dinner in the oven the moment she got here. 
 I figure it would take the 20 minute bake time to take pictures.  
Well, good thing I waited.  
She was an hour late.  
(How does some one sooo cute need over three hours to get ready?
 Just before she showed up it started to rain. 
 So we move everything in but the hay. 
 A few minutes after she arrived, it stopped raining. 
So we ran out and took our pictures.  
They Austin and I moved everything back out side, and I served them dinner. 
 It sprinkled a little at first so I put up the umbrella you see in the picture above.  
Eventually it stopped raining all together and I took down the umbrella. 
I love this picture with Ozzie in front of the table.  
He was there the hole time standing guard. 
(or waiting for some food)
It all turned out, 
going with it that's the Batchelors Way.

They enjoyed it.  
At least that's the report I got from Austin who said Maddie bragged to her friends how cool her date was! I love helping Austin do great dates with out spending a lot.  
Just goes to show you it's not what you spend!!! 
Thanks for stopping by and letting me brag on my son some more!!!


Celeste B. said...

I love that the dog was invited to dinner. LOL! Christian says you should have put a hidden microphone on the dog so you could listen...boys think of strange things sometimes!

It looks awesome! We plan on making another dress this year so that we save a money again.

Hi I'm Amanda said...

How fun is that! Way to go momma. My son is 6 and my daughter just turned one, so we have a ways to go before were ready for all this, but its a lovely idea!

Erin Branscom said...

I love your blog! :) I became a new follower! Erin