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Monday, November 14, 2011

Bye Bye Birdie

I know it seems like all I do lately is brag on my kids.  
What can I say?
 I'm a mom and my kids are just so important to me.  
So here goes another post on my great kids.  
Jaysen and Quinton just finished the Junior High musical.
This year they put on Bye Bye Birdie!
Quinton played a teenage boy and a TV crew man.
Jaysen played Conrad Birdie.
 (Who is kinda based off of Elvis.)

 I did Jaysen's hair and make-up every night as well as many other cast members. 
 It was a lot of fun.

Here's Quinton just before the show one night.
(You think he would look happier surrounded by girls.)

Here are some pics of Quinton.
(Way to go Quinton)

Tons of girls screaming at your son and giant pictures of him can be a little weird. 
 But I got over it.
(Really those posters were like 2 feet by 3 or 4 feet.)

He did such a good job of acting.
The story is that he's a famous Teen Heart throb that's getting drafted. 
 And he is suppose to kiss a girl chosen at random from his fans before he goes in the army.
(He was a supporting lead.)

I loved this scene where he comes out for breakfast with all these girls watching him. 
 He just comes out and opens a can,
 it sprays everywhere,
 he drinks, 
and burps. 
(Nice robe!

At the end he sneaks out in a dress and fur coat. 
Wow he doesn't look half bad in a dress.

He did a really good job and all the ladies (old and young) wanted a picture with him.

And boy were we surprised with how well Jaysen sang.  
(I mean he's only 15.)
So here's a video of his first song he does when he arrives at Sweet Apple. 
I love it, his voice and his dancing. 

Here's another song he sings before he kisses the chosen girl. 
(He looks an awful lot like the real Elvis in this one.)
 (Watch closely Quinton is the crew man holding the microphone.)

We are so proud of Jaysen. 
 He has worked hard this past two months with the Haunted House and this musical. 
 But he excelled in both!  
We love you Jaysen!

Do I sound too proud?
  I'm just having so much fun watching my kids find and develop new talents.
Thanks for stopping by.


House of Smiths said...

He Did SO GOOD! Wow! How fun to watch him in those videos :)
I loved it!
Congrats Jayson!

Emma said...

The play looks awesome! Congrats on such talented children.