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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween Was Great!

 I can't believe Halloween has come and gone!  
And what a beautiful day it was.  
Now it's cold and snowy. 
Anyway here some way cute pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes.

First up our own Indian.  
(And yes we cut his hair into a Mohawk just for Halloween!)
(I actually made this costume few years back for Jaysen)

Too cute!

Next up our own Water Fairy.
(She had wings we forgot to put on before the pictures.)
(This was an old dress I had and dyed it blue and added some trim I had.)

How about a cute 50's girl?
(Yes, she now has glasses, Grandma)
(We borrowed a dress from Nana and added the Poodle)

Total cost for Halloween Costumes ZERO!  

Here's all of them, my nephew joined us.

We had way too much fun taking pictures.

(Love this one, reminds me of a musical)

Here's our Jack-O-lanterns, we were so excited that they all came from our garden!

And last of all we wrapped up Halloween night with the last night of Jaysen's Haunted house. 
 It was a huge success!  
Here's a few more pics.  
Jaysen did his own make-up job.

He and Austin walked around entertaining the people waiting in line.
(We had a steady line for 2 hours plus almost every night.)

Austin went by "Mr. Bones" 
He was so funny and very few people recognized him.
(Yours truly made the coat and cane!)
Anyways I tried to get a video, I captured it but it's very dark and sideways.
(I can't get it to edit.)  
So, you may just want to listen, he was very entertaining.  

Here is a small tour of the haunted house.
First room was the Zombie Room
(I got to played a dead person for two nights,)
(Quinton took my spot the other nights, you can see him being drug by the zombies.)

Third room was the clown room.
Love how the pictures glowed in the black lights.

Two more characters, their contacts glowed in the dark!

How about this crazy guy in his small room or the creepy girl in the Doll Room!

And at the end, this almost 7 foot freak would chase you out with his chain saw.

Big fun!!!

The Boy Scouts said he had to raise 1,500 cans of food to fulfill his requirement. 
 He raised, drum-roll......

2,477 cans.

The food bank was very pleased.  
We were also very pleased. 
 Jaysen worked hard and did well.
We have spent the last week taking it down.
(I admit it was a little sad.)
(But I'm glad to get my life back.)
Thanks for stopping by and letting me share!!!

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dee dee said...

Oh my goodness, I've spent the last few minutes catching up on your life! You are so talented and creative, I see where your children get it! I was blown away by the Haunted House project...wow and for such a great cause!
Hopefully you can get some well deserved rest after all that hard work! Great job!
Dee Dee