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Thursday, November 17, 2011

My advice and while the boys are away the girls will play!

My great cousin Kelli wrote a great article 
for She Knows Parenting about tips for displaying kid's art work. 
 She interviewed three moms, 
Kate from Censational Girl
Melissa from 320 Sycamore
and little old me.  
(Wow what great company to be in.) 
It's a good read so click on over and read it!!!

I'm still behind in posting, but oh well. 
Here's a summer activity for you to enjoy this fall. 
 Les and all the boys went on a Fathers and Sons Camp out late this summer.
So while the boys were gone we girls played.
First we went out to dinner and then I tried to take a group shot with my long arms.
(It only took me four tries to get a everyone in the shot.)
(But it sure was fun trying)

Next we did glitter toes.
(O.K. we loved our sparkle toes.  You just never get to old to love some glitter.)
Did I mention how sparkly they were?
Did I mention how much we liked them?
Sorry I got off on a tangent.

Next morning the girls wanted a How to Make-up Lesson.
(Not that I'm a pro or even close to that, but 10 year olds still think that I know everything.)
(Besides they aren't allowed to wear it yet, just a prep class!)

Love this mother daughter shot.
My girls are so pretty I don't think they need any make up!

After we got all glamed up the girls wanted to go to garage sales.
You don't have to ask me twice.
Here's what we got, lots of shirts for 25 cents each, a back pack for $1, candy dish for $1, brand new shoes for Em for $1, and a pillow for 50 cents (for the Pirate room) and a jewelry ring box thing for a nickel.

Here's what I did with my nickel purchase.
  In my jewelry drawer I had this clear hand ring holder,
 but it didn't hold all my rings, 
(My collection keeps growing.)
So, I cut the foam ring pad from the box above and fit it in between my metal trays.
  I love it.  
It's so custom,
 uses all the space well 
and I have way more space to add to my ring collection! 
 (That's a hint for Christmas!  lol
I love it when organization is so functional and so pretty!!!!
Don't ya love it?

I had so much fun girl time with my girls and so grateful to have them!

Can't wait to post the boys pirate closet doors soon.  
Sorry it's taking so long, but lets just say
 learning curve!
I'll explain latter.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Celeste B. said...

Great idea for the ring holder. I need a better place to hang my necklaces. I'm just to boring to think of things like that.

Oh, and love the glam shots! LOL!