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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Up Dated on Pirate Room - Closet insides

We actually finished this step about a month ago,
 but "The Eagle Project" kept me to busy to post. 
 But here it is now in all it's glory.  

I love organized spaces,
 so I totally get into planning closet spaces. 
 I think through what they need to store and draw up a plan.  
Then Les and I set to building it. 
 I wanted towers, tall hanging space and short hanging space for each boy. 
 First we cut out all the pieces for the towers and spaced them out to be painted. 
 I like to paint them first, because it's way to hard to paint the small cubbies after it's built.  
Painting "before" makes a smoother paint job.

I put each little shelf piece on a wood block so I can paint the edges easily.
One coat of primer and two coats of paint on each side, and let it dry good before assembling.
I used my son's skateboard to sit on while painting. 
 I just rolled down each row of boards while painting.
 (Totally brilliant for my old body!!)

Here's Les putting all the pieces together.
(What a builder guy I have!!!)
Then I filled in the holes and touched up the paint on the sides.

And here is the final product.
  Beautiful and functional!!  
(There will be more brown baskets in the tower.

What do you think?
I like custom closets much better.
Next I'll show ya the closet doors.
It's a pirate room, 
no white doors for pirates.


Andrea said...

That looks soooo nice!!! I would LOVE to have something like that in my closet! That's a very lucky pirate you have there!

dee dee said...

Wonderful closet!
Would have hired you in a second to do mine (we ran short of time and energy and used the wire shelving instead!)
Can't wait to see the rest of the room!
Dee Dee