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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's Weird Around Here

I must admit we are a little weird.  
We love to dress up around here. 
 I have a costume closet that's maybe a little extreme

When the kids need/want to dress up for something we usually can accommodate them.
And they do quite often.
Like when there was a church dance with a western theme 
and they encouraged the kids to dress western.  
Austin took it to the extreme.  
Or should I say Clint Eastwood?
(That's the Batchelors Way!)

Or how about when Jaysen was asked to dress up like a fortune teller for Home Coming. 
 Again extreme!

After growing up with a mom who kinda goes to extremes with costumes and make-up Jaysen often practices make on his siblings.
 He is very talented now.  
Here's Quinton after Jaysen aged him.  
(He had way to much fun running around the neighborhood with that make up on.
(Just imagine people watching an old man suddenly breaking dancing.)

Or how about the little kids on crazy hair day.  
The girls loved their alien heads.  
(It's a paper cup inside their pony tails.)  

Yes, others might think we are a little strange. 
 But we have fun and my kids have great memories. 
( No wonder my kids are such hams.)  
So does your family dress up as much as ours?  

Thanks for stopping by. 
 I hope to post an update on the Pirate Room this week.

1 comment:

dee dee said...

Way to go Rhonda! My best friend also has a costume closet, so I don't think that it's weird at all!
Giving your kids the chance to create is fantastic!
Dee Dee