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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Update on Pirate Room - Faux beam

Here's a small project in the Pirate Room we some how squeezed in.
I have to back up a little,  there was a thick plumbing stack running down the wall in this room.
Our two options were:
Option 1
Build 2x6 wall to accommodate the thick pipe and have the clean out show.
 Option 2
Build a regular 2x4 wall and cover it some how.

After our plumber said we didn't really need access to the clean out.  We decided on option 2.
And we decided to to cover it with a fake beam.
So let me tell ya how we did that.
First we attached 1x2's to the 2x4 studs on either side of the pipe.
 Then we finished the wall with the 1x2 sticking out.  

Then we built a fake beam with two 1x4s and a 1x6 glued together in a 'u' shape.  
We slid it into place, a perfect fit
(Les is so awesome.)

After our trial fit,
 I beat the edges with the hammer and screwdriver handle and made scratches down it. 
 I also poked clusters of small hole in it with a wire.

After it was all beat up, I stained it with Minwax Red Mahogany stain. 
 Which looked good , but I wanted it darker,
 so I then added Valspar Duramax Satin Finish stain tinted black.
 (I don't know the exact color as it was left over that my mother had.) 
 (That's how I roll, use what I have or my family has.)

After she was all dry, Les put her in place and screwed her in from the sides.
 (We can still access the pipe by unscrewing the  beam.)

So here is before and after. 
 It looks like an old beam, you would never know it was fake.

Here is an up close view.
 Love it.  
I would love some of these on the ceiling in our family room!

Well what do you think? 
Does it look like it's been around forever?

We have pretty much come to a stand still in this room till after Christmas!  
But hope to really finisher her up fast after the first of the year.
Thanks for stopping by!


Celeste B. said...

Pretty cool solution to what could have been a major eye sore. Nice job!

P.S. Thanks for the gifts! Merry Christmas!

dee dee said...

Looking great! Can't wait to see the finished room! Have a Merry Christmas!...dee dee

faux beam guy said...

It does look like it has been there a while! Creative thinking there. We used some faux beams that were actually made from polyurethane foam (too lazy to make our own...and too incompetant!) for our ceiling, looks pretty similar to yours. Nice job!