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Saturday, January 14, 2012


In blog land and on Pinterest I think we all see pictures that we love,
 that we wish we had, 
and that inspire us with an idea of something to make. 
 I am no exception.
  Just take a look at my pin boards full of ideas for every room in my house, 
even outside and foods to make.  
But sometimes blog land inspires us to do more than oooh and aah or think some day I'll do that. 
 That is exactly what happened to me. 
 I stumbled upon the blog Sawdust Girl and saw this master closet!!
(You have to go over and check out her blog!!)

 But what inspired me was that Sandra built the closet built-ins herself! 

 Let me back up just a little. 
 I have about a million projects on my list that I've had since 
the day we moved into our house four years ago.
 Most are finishing the basement and adding usable but pretty storage. 
 My husband and I are both pretty handy.  
But I usually just assist Les with the building projects.  
Which is good cause we make a good team and he is very talented,
but this is limiting because of his time. 
 I mean he has to do this thing called work for like 8 hours a day, 
plus church callings, 
and spend time attending our kids functions 
and on and on.  
Get the picture?
 He is a busy man, and here's me going
 "You want to work on the house now?
 So I have been thinking,
 "How much can I do?
 Can I do more by myself?
Then last week I was invited to participate in Imagine the Impossiblities Challenge

I thought my most daunting project is building stuff without Les.  
So back to Sandra from Sawdust and Paperscraps
 I watched her video of her closet building adventure.
 (I hope she doesn't mind me showing this
 it was on Youtube and the real source of my inspiration)

Are you just amazed and impressed!!!!
(Yes, I know you can't wait, go right now and check out her blog)
(Then come back here and finish reading my post.)
After I watched that I wanted to be just like her. 
 I couldn't stop thinking if she can do this so can I!
 In my DIY world she was my new hero. 
I've decided not to be intimidated any more. 
 I jumped in with both feet and already built the two boxes for the boys book shelves!! 
(I'll show ya them later.)
I made my sister come over for moral support. 
 She thought I was crazy,
 (but she always does.
I think I was most worried I might mess up.
But I guess if I do I'll just have to fix it! 
Anyways I'm sharing this to hopefully inspire others to reach a little farther,
 to try a little more to reach beyond your comfort zone.
And find you can do more than you though you could. 
This is in everything not just DIY skills!!  
So everyone reach!!! 

Thanks to Sandra for inspiring me,
(by the way isn't she just as pretty as she is talented?)

Look forward to my new skills and my new mistakes!
That's the Batchelor Way!!!!

Thanks for stopping by! 


dee dee said...

You can do it! After all the talent I've seen from your home... I have full confidence that you will produce wonderful things! I'll be here routing you on!
Dee Dee

Pine Tree Home said...

I've been following her for some time and she totally rocks all that she does. Be inspired. Can't wait to join in on the party with you. It's going to be fun.

Linda @ It All Started with Paint said...

Well, you really picked a doozy of a challenge my new blog friend! Can't wait to see the end results ... if he comes out even half as good as your beautiful bathroom, it's will be a huge success ...

Let the adventure begin!


Sawdust Girl said...

Holy Moly! I'm totally blushing and at the same time practically jumping out of my seat with enthusiasm for your new found empowerment! I really think that we (ladies) can do anything! I NEVER expect anything to turn out perfectly the first time and I ALWAYS expect that I'll make mistakes...that way, I'm not the least bit angry with myself or disappointed about it when the mistakes and imperfections happen. I just keep rolling because it's all part of the plan! :-) We learn and grow by doing. That's what I keep telling myself anyway!

Go get 'em. (And by 'em, I mean all your projects!)

Karah @ thespacebetweenblog said...

Rhonda! This is such a great challenge to tackle. I know you can do it, and I bet you will have so much fun along the way. So happy you've joined our challenge. Thanks so much for sharing our button!
I am your newest follower!
Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Ronda -

Thanks for linking up your post to the blog crush party. I agree with you that Sandra rocks!!! She is AMAZING at what she can do. Her closet was just incredible as all of her projects are. I am excited that I am going to meet her this week at the Blissdom conference.

Thanks again for linking up.

My best- Diane