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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Looking back and looking forward!

I was looking back over the old blog posts to see just what we did last year, 
and I was surprised to see so many things I had kinda forgotten.  
I thought it would be fun to post the big things 
or the things that get a lot of views according to Google Analytics. 
 So the first project of 2011 was finishing up our Master Bathroom Remodel. 
 It was quite the job but we love the results. 
  We were so honored to have it featured on many blogs and in two magazines.  

My sister and I spend one day a week working on projects at my mom's,
 Nana's Day.  
We finished up her office remodel early in the year.

Everything kinda came to a stand still this spring 
when I was down in bed for 6 weeks after a tumor was removed from my ankle.  
That was hard to be down for so long, but I'm so grateful that I am whole again and the good times I had with my family while they served me.

I did lots of small projects through the year but my beverage tray was one of the most popular according to Google Analytics. 
 It is still being used everyday.

Nana's day is fun for us, but we had a lot of hired help this time and were able finished two more rooms at Nana's this year.

We started our planning of the boys Pirate Room early this year but didn't actually make progress until this fall. 
We framed, insulated, dry walled, installed paneling, painted, added a creative light fixture and built the closets inside and out.   
The faux finish on the closet doors really grabbed some attention.  
Who knew?  

So that's a quick review of last years projects,
 what's up this next year?  
Well, the same list I seem to have each year.  
This year I'm going to share my list in hopes that it helps me get more done on it.  

1.  First up, finish the Pirate Room!

2.  Decorate Mater bedroom
(Yes, we have never got around to that the four years we have lived in this house.)  
(Sadly, I have almost all the supplies, crown molding, curtain material, decorations.)

3.  Laundry Room
(We do lots of laundry, 8 people, and need a more efficient laundry room and it could be pretty too!)

4.  Decorate Em's Room

5. Decorate Ash's Room

6.  Finish the Basement
(Family room/craft/ music room)

I know that's a huge list,
 and it's the same list as last year minus two things. 
 I'm determined to knock off as much as we can so we can enjoy our house before the kids leave! 
Usually Life (6 kids) gets in our way! 
 But my most important calling is that of wife to my husband and 
mommy to these six beautiful kids! 

So, wish me luck in tackling my list in and around Life!
Thanks for stopping by and all your comments.


dee dee said...

It seem like you have your priorities right! What you have done so far is great, and I continue to watch as your check off the new list!
dee dee

Moore Minutes said...

I love posts like these! :) My favorite is still that gorgeous bathroom!

Emma said...

You are amazing! First off beautiful children. The spaces you have redone look great. You are always an inspiration to me.