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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Random life at Batchelors

Here's just some random things that give you a glimpse at what life is like at our house. 

 Pinterest has effected even my husband. 
When I showed him these spaghetti hot dog things on Pinterest 
he just had to make them with the little kids.  
They had a lot of fun making them.

Here's another Family Home Evening craft activity.  
Austin makes a killer friendship bracelet and decided for our activity this week to teach us all how to make one.
 He added that we had to give it to someone who needed a friend. 
 As a side note, 
Branden and Em picked kids at school who didn't have a lot of friends 
and got a lot of grief from the other kids.  
Things like,
 "Why did you do that?"
 "Do you like them?"
But they each stood their ground and helped make those left out kids happier.
I was so proud of them.
Doing something nice is not always easy when there's 
peer  pressure!!!! 

We like to build stuff around here 
but we often have to fix stuff too!  
Like the other day I heard this weird noise from the kitchen. 
 I walk in the kitchen to find Les,
had ran into the cabinet door and broke it off. 
 I mean broke the door in two!!!  
Luckily it was easy to fix with a little glue and some clamps!!!

This is a very common scene at our house. 
 I call it the Creative Curse!! 
(We go through paper like you would not believe.)
 Often there are kids sitting around the kitchen table drawing. 
 In fact as I'm typing this there are four kids drawing at the table.  

Here's some of Austin's doodles, 
he's applying to colleges and his sketch book seems to make lots of schools want him in their art department.

This particular night Jaysen was working on this picture of Elvis.  
Can you say AMAZING!!!!!

So that's a glimpse of the 
Batchelor Life,

Finished painting the built ins in the Pirate room,
 post about it soon!!!!

Thanks for stopping by.


Jemmmma said...

I cannot believe your son drew that! I have never seen anything like it. He is so, so talented. Wow! You must be so proud!

dee dee said...

Can I come live at your house?
The boys are such amazing and gifted artists!
Dee Dee

KeriAnne said...

You are all so talented!
The spaghetti hot dogs are too fun. Shaun had to make them, too, after I showed him (on pinterest, of course!).

Nicole said...

Wow, your kids are so talented! We value creative outlets a lot here too.

Jamie Nicole said...

Goodness gracious, that is some amazing art! WOW.