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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Update on Pirate Room - Windows

Yes, we are working on the Pirate Room.  
Not as much as I would like but that's another post. 
 We just finished the window trim. 
 Nothing to spectacular, pretty straight forward.  
(Except for small goofs
But I'll point those out later
(I always do, hoping to spare some else of our mishaps)
We chose wood to trim out the window instead of MDF, 
because we are attaching shutters and feel the wood is stronger for holding screws.
First, we had to make a sill.  
We learned from our master bath project it was easiest to just make a template.
  So we did out of cardboard. 
 (See below
It fit like a glove.

Some how when we cut it out of wood and put it in place it fit well in front but was short in back! 
 (I hate it when you go through such careful planning and it still doesn't work.)  
We were about to go back to the store and buy a new piece of wood, 
but then opted to just add a piece on the back.  
We used wood glue and clamps. 
Make sure the grain is going the same way on both pieces so it will blend in. 
You can't see it at all from the top side.  

After our fix it fit perfect everywhere.  
(Yeah for us!!!)
We did have to notch out  along the underside for the window clips. 
Next I turned my attention to the ugly gap under the sill.
 I went to the Restore and picked up some trim.
(20 cents each. That's 40 cents total
(Love those prices)
I glued the two pieces together to build it up for the window apron.

This should have been an easy job, 
but at last it was not!! 
 This trim was too tall to cut on my saw, 
I had to call around to my neighbors 
(yes, that's plural
till I found one with a miter box, 
(thanks Holly). 
 When I went to cut it in the miter box it was to tall to lay flat in the box.  
So, I cut it vertically in the miter box. 
Which worked OK except  when cutting the small return pieces.  
They were so small they kept breaking in half.  
(Don't worry, I finally succeeded with a lot of glue and patience.)

Now, I just have to paint the trim and attach the shutters.  
Wish me luck!

I think it's looking pretty darn good.
I'll be back soon to show ya all that stuff we are building around the window!
Thanks for stopping by!

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dee dee said...

How wonderful... I can't wait to see the finished room!
Dee Dee