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Monday, February 20, 2012

Scooter Stand How To and Happy Birthday!!

I guess some one pinned my picture of our scooter stand we built over two years ago. 
This pin has caused a chain reaction of pins and multiple requests for some sort of how to
So here it goes.
Keep in mind we tend to build with what we have.  
You can alter this and use almost anything you have. 
 But I will tell ya what we used.

We basically made a fork out of 2x4's. 
 We had five scooters so we made it to fit five.  
Our end piece was 21 1/4 inches long.
The tines on our "fork" were 19 inches long.  
We used six and spaced them  2 1/2" apart.  
(Keep in mind that some scooters are larger than the ones I have shown here.)  
(We have a extra large one now that is a very tight fit.)
I suggest you use your scooters to determined the spacing.

We used a quarter inch thick scrap of press wood for the bottom.
  It helps keep everything straight.
We used wood screws to put it together.  

You could paint it to make it look oh so pretty,
 but we just needed it ASAP! 
It's very simple yet it is easy to use and fairly sturdy.
 Good luck!

I also wanted to say Happy Birthday to my third son, 
He celebrated his birthday this last week 
and we are so proud of the young man he is turning into! 
We love you!


dee dee said...

I must have missed this post.... but leave it to you all to be this clever! Happy birthday to you son! My daughter turns 14 tomorrow!
dee dee

Angela said...

Thank you so much for the how to. Very thoughtful of you. Thanks again!

Great blog!

Kellie said...

Thank you for the directions! You might want to put a link to this post in the original post so all those pinners can find your instructions. Definitely a pin-worthy project!

six3design said...

Love the beedroom.I saw you are a Morman.I don't understand why GOD would send a secret message to someone else.He sent His son,Jesus for us.When Jesus died ,He took all our sins and washed us clean. Why after all those years would He send a secret message to someone? I have never read in the bible it stating in time a message will be sent that only one person can reveal.Then anothe rbook will be writtin.?I totaly respect that God gave us all a choice as to what we want to believe.I just don't understand why the bible has to be read in so many different ways.I guess that's human nature. Just my two cents.

*katie said...

Awesome, thanks for the building tips!!

Carolina Nightingale said...

Hi! Waht a wonderful post and what a wonderful design! (and don't worry... I know you know to ignore the Mormon haters... I mean, insert "jew" or "catholic" or "Muslim" for Mormon in crazypant's post above and it would count as hate speech, but since we don't usually litigate... yeah, say whatever you want.

and your blog looks awesome and I cna't wait to scoot around here some more (you see what I did there) Have a wonderful week and glad I found you on pinterest!

meg said...

So great thanks for the idea!

Texas Kristie said...

Awesome!! Thanks so much for the instructions on the Scooter Stand! (now maybe they won't get run over in the garage.)

And I agree with Carolina..ignore the haters. I don't have the same beliefs as you but you LDS girls have the BEST blogs and boards! ;)

Unknown said...

I had the picture pinned for a while now & just went to blog about pins that I have tried & loved! I did some research & found it linked back to your blog. I changed my Pin so that it links back to your blog too. We made one & it works great! Thanks for sharing!!

WickedRetartid said...

What an Excellent idea :) I have become so irritated with the scooters lying around and the balancing act while trying to lean them against the wall. I am starting this project tomorrow!

Margaret said...

I did it! I made one for my garage. And you can see the picture if you like at: http://southpawcrafts.blogspot.com/2013/05/pinterest-project-completed-scooter-rack.html

Thanks for the inspiration and DIY instructions.

Unknown said...

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Kim and Gen said...

Thank you for the instructions! We're using the three day weekend to tackle the garage and I have three little wayward scooters that are about to have homes. Thanks!

Lance T. Osborne said...

Hi Ronda!

I host a podcast for big families called "Above Average." Just wanted to let you know we referenced your post in our show notes for a recent show on "The Clutter of Stuff," found here: http://aboveaverageshow.com/7

Thanks for this project, especially the photos!


electric_scooter said...

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the great and easy idea! My wife runs a home day care and this will be perfect for the scooter storage!