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Friday, February 17, 2012

To the One I Love!!!

This week is a most important week,
 as I celebrate Valentines,
 (which is the day I got engaged), 
and my hubbies birthday! 
So I'd like to dedicate this post to the man I love!!!
(Love this James Dean look he's got going here)

Recently we had and e-mail going back and forth saying
 "I love you as much as ________ & _________."
We just kept filling in things that went together.

So when I saw this:

I knew that's what I need to make Les for Valentines.
 Here's my version.
(Les took no time to erase my peanut butter and jelly,
and drew eggs and bacon.)

I have been wanting just the perfect thing to put in my bathroom above my make-up mirror. 
 This is the perfect thing. 
 It looks great, 
but the best thing is every morning I wake up 
and see that Les has changed the blanks. 
(He's so cute and draws his in every day.)
 It just makes me feel loved knowing he has thought of me. 
 I hope he feels the same each day he comes home and sees what I've written.
(I will need some ideas to fill in the blanks when all the easy ones are gone, 
so leave some comments if you have any ideas.)

I love this man and all he does.
Can I just say a few things I like about him?

Great singer
(totally hooked me when he sang to me when we were dating)

good fisherman

Awesome cook 
(he can just make up something and it's good)

Cooks almost every weekend


nice hands

"often" does dishes or housework before he leaves for work

works hard every day to support us

knows alot about the scriptures

detail oriented

very, very talented handy man
(Have you seen what he has built?)

I'm so lucky to be married to him.

Last fall we went on a date and to a Hillary Weeks concert, 
(Love her)
and we had dinner at Thanksgiving point. 
 We just had a good time and took pictures of each other. 
 It's like we were teenagers, only we look way older.

I tried to take a one arm picture of us kissing.
 It took a few takes to get a centered picture
 but who's complaining about too much kissing?

Thanks for letting me brag again!
Happy Birthday Les!
I love you!!!


Rachel said...

Very sweet post! I love seeing couples who are still in love X years later.... A more and more rare thing. Thanks for sharing - this is inspiring to me. :)

dee dee said...

What a loving tribute to Les and the love you share! You are both blessed! Happy Anniversary! How funny... I love Wayne's hands too!
dee dee

Sibel-ish said...

After so many years it's lovely to see couples like you! (Should better go and kiss my hubby!)