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Monday, March 26, 2012

Pirate Room - Boys First Look!

After we finished installing the closet doors we told our boys,
"Your welcome to go in your room anytime from now on, 
but if you want to be surprised stay out."  
They each chose to be surprised and did not go in again until the reveal. 
 So I thought it would be fun to show ya their first look at the room.

Here they are as they walked in and got their first look!
(Don't mind the giant poster of Jaysen's face in the hallway.)

Got to love those excited faces!

We told them it would be done on Saturday and they could move in then.  
But we secretly moved their stuff in on Thursday,
(thanks to help from my mom and sister)
After dinner Thursday night they got to come in and see!!  
You can see them checking out all their stuff already in their drawers.  

They were pretty much all smiles!!
The window seat was a real hit!

And they totally love their built in beds!

When asked what his favorite thing was,
 Branden just looked around the room weighing all his options in his mind, 
and finally said, 
"The whole room!"

After a week or so I asked what their favorite thing was and both said their lights!!
They each have a reading light on the front of the shelves 
and a rope light on the inside of the shelves
(Branden uses it as a night light).  
The switches are inside the shelving unit so they can operate them from bed. 

Our goal at the beginning of the year was to have the room done by Quinton's Birthday,
 but that came and we weren't done.  
So Branden's birthday became the next goal!!! 
 His birthday was the Saturday after we got it done!! 
We beat that goal by two days!! 
Happy Birthday Branden!!

I just wanted to say how lucky we are to have Branden as the baby of our family!!
  Saturday I was already for bed, 
so I grabbed some magazines and curled up in bed.  
The kids were down stairs watching a movie.  
Branden wandered in and climbed up on the bed and snuggled up to me.  
I of course put my magazines down and cuddled up to him.  
Next thing I knew daddy was waking us up and taking Branden to bed. 
 That was a precious moment.  
Not many of those left as he continues to grow older. 
 I love you Branden!!


Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

That first photo absolutely sums it up! They are so cute- and I'm so happy they were so thrilled with it. Makes it worth all the effort when it's appreciated and enjoyed, doesn't it?

Sibel-ish said...

Such a nice family. You're lucky to have so many sweeties, I have only 2! Happy Birthday Branden:)

Maury @ Life on Mars said...

That is awesome! What a wonderful gift you gave them!

dee dee said...

Makes it all worth waiting for!
Love the looks on their sweet faces!
dee dee

Unknown said...

What a cool room-love their expressions-following you from Beneath My Heart-stop by for a visit!